DIY Baba Yagi Costume

Such an unusual and peculiar carnival outfit is perfect for a theme party for the New Year. It's time to get away from the standard images of snowflakes and princesses, because such a costume will be remembered both at a children's matinee and at a home party.

Recommendations for creating a woman’s yaga costume

You don’t need much to make, it’s worth looking for old things at home. Blouses, blouses, long skirts and grandmother's color scarves will do. Baba Yaga dressed in torn and dirty clothes, so to simulate antiquity and holes eaten by moths, you need to do them with scissors or sew lurid pads. The hem of the skirt is unevenly torn and cut off part of the bottom for asymmetry.

If there is an unnecessary fur collar at home, you can use it for the vest of our costume or make an imitation of a cat out of it, which you then put on the shoulder of the same vest, attaching it with threads and needles.

Important! Instead of a collar, you can use ready-made animal toys.

Accessories are very important in this outfit. For the hump, a regular lump of fabric is used, placed under the clothes on the back. Take a broom in your hands, and purchase a gray wig in a store or sew from gray wool, tie a colorful scarf on top. It can be tied under the chin or back.

Although Baba Yaga is not a beauty, she is a woman and loved jewelry. Beads, earrings in the form of skulls are suitable here, they will perfectly complement the outfit. If you want to make them yourself, you will need polymer clay, which after complete solidification must be coated with white paint. Ordinary cardboard is also suitable for decoration. Cut bead blanks, put on a thread and sew on top.

Important! Shoes - trampled slippers, boots. They can be decorated by stitching colored patches.

How to make a hedgehog costume for a little girl

For a carnival costume you will need:

  • color overlays;
  • sackcloth;
  • dark sweater;
  • striped leggings;
  • rubber;
  • slippers, boots or galoshes;
  • girdle;
  • scarf with a pattern;
  • gray socks;
  • the pillow is small;
  • dried mushrooms;
  • plasticine, glue.

The first master class:

  • From a woolen burlap, first sew a dress. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for the head, and for the hands on the sides. On one shoulder to collect and sew matter.
  • Cut holes for fingers in gray socks.
  • From an ordinary small pillow, make something like a backpack, sewing an elastic band to the edges.
  • Amanita should be fashioned from plasticine, they can also be made from a newspaper (papier Mache), covered with paint afterwards.
  • Sew patches received fly agaric to a burlap dress;
  • Now you have to assemble a suit.
  • First you need to put on a sweater, put a backpack from a small pillow on your back, putting it on your hands with an elastic band.
  • Throw on a dress decorated with mushrooms, fix it with any belt.
  • Dress up a cheerful stripy leggings and felt boots or slippers.
  • On hands - gloves made of gray socks.
  • Tie a colored scarf over your head, and put a necklace or beads on your neck.

Important! Beads for a costume are best made from dried mushrooms.

Second master class:

  • Take a regular jacket and sew a fringe on the edges of the sleeves. Sew patches of colored fabric along the entire length of the sleeve. Take thick woolen threads to contrast the stripes.
  • On the finished vest, make two holes. Homemade vest can be sewn from burlap. Sew a large button to one hole, and a buttonhole to the other.
  • Sew several patches on the maxi skirt, put a white or colored round apron on top of it.
  • Colored striped leggings will fit your feet, galoshes or terry slippers will ideally sit on top.
  • Tie a woolen shawl, and give your hair an untidy and disheveled appearance.
  • Wear an artificial nose.
  • Ink draw huge black eyebrows, a brown pencil can draw an imitation of wrinkles and bright freckles.

Instructions for creating Baba Yaga outfit for an adult do-it-yourself

There are two options for attire for an adult: simple and unusual.

To begin with, let's figure out a simple outfit. It is not necessary to sew it; an old and unnecessary men's shirt and maxi skirt will do. They simply decorate with patches and cut the hem of the skirt. The scarf can be tied like a bandana or tied under the chin. I get wet to wear large round beads of different sizes. Throw a wool shawl on top.

For the original costume, the necklace should be made from dried mushrooms or berries, such as mountain ash or hawthorn. Just put each berry on a thread with a needle and connect the ends.

An apron for dressing a fairy-tale old woman will look great from a round piece of colored fabric.

For a suit, you need a big and twisted nose of the old woman. You can make it from papier-mâché, for a more convenient fastening, in addition to the nose, it is better to make eyebrows and stick black and bushy eyebrows on them. In the temporal area of ​​the mask, make doors, pass an elastic band. In order for the mask to hold precisely and not fall off anywhere, it is better to wear round old glasses without glasses on top of it.

Step-by-step workshop on the manufacture of the nose:

  1. From plasticine to form a hooked nose.
  2. Tear the newspaper into pieces no more than 3 cm, it is necessary to tear it, so the scraps will fall evenly.
  3. To overlap, without bubbles, newspaper pieces moistened with water for scraps of mold. On the second and subsequent layers, coat with PVA glue.
  4. Dry the product without removing from plasticine. As soon as everything dries, carefully remove the nose from the workpiece.

So, in just an hour, you get an original and unusual, and most importantly, easy-to-make outfit for Baba Yaga for a holiday. It is enough to study the recommendations and photos to get a great suit.