DIY apple costume for a girl

Costume bullseye original fancy dress for the holiday. It is suitable for both girls and boys.

All the materials necessary for the “apple” carnival outfit are easy to get and a costume is sewn with your own hands in just one or two evenings.

What will be needed to create a children's costume "Apple"?

To make an apple outfit, you need to purchase the following tools:

  • Yellow, light green or red fabric, a combination of all three shades will beautifully come out, but you can use one color of the canvas. An iridescent fabric like crepe satin looks very bright and festive.
  • Costume pattern from the Internet.
  • Scissors.
  • Paper, cardboard for pattern.
  • Pencil and crayon.
  • Pins and needle with thread.
  • Sewing machine.

In order to make a pattern, you will need children's things: a T-shirt, T-shirt, shorts and a skirt, depending on who the outfit is sewn for - a boy or a girl. But if there are ready-made things of appropriate shades, then you can simply decorate them in the "apple" style with paper apples and leaflets attached to things.

Outfit for babies

It is very simple to create such a suit for a small kid, he will look very cute in it. Take a body of red or yellow, or sew it according to the finished pattern, using the sizes of your baby. A green cap is suitable as a hat.

Sew the leaves from the emerald-green fabric and attach them to the cap and body of the sticker in the form of an apple. You can hide the apple from the remaining canvas and sew on the front of the body. In this outfit, the baby will not be too hot, and he will look unusual and fervently.

Important! If the suit with the body is very simple, then you can sew the outfit of the apple using overalls or sew it yourself according to the pattern.

Costume model for a girl with step by step instructions

A fancy dress for a girl in the form of a funny apple will become a holiday decoration. As a basis for the pattern, ready-made things for the child, namely a dress, are suitable. Get a yellow fabric the length of the girl’s original dress. Fold a piece of fabric so that on both sides you get two-layer parts along with folds.

Carefully attach along the front and back parts to the folds of the canvas and cut the resulting parts. Sew the apple-tree sleeves from the scarlet fabric for dress decor. From the canvas of a gentle green shade, open the collar and a thin strip for the frill to the bottom of the suit, its length depends on what kind of openwork the hem will be.

Important! Instead of a hat, it is better to use a paper crown with an image of an apple, tights and shoes should be in tone with the dress.

Variant of the Yablochka costume for the boy

There is an option for such a suit for the boy. It will additionally include a red vest. It is also sewn according to the pattern from the child’s finished things. The vest can be easily cut from two identical parts, a button or zipper is sewn on the front, instead of them you can make a belt from the same fabric to pull the suit around the waist along the figure.

Any hat fits any, but green or red, or sew from two semicircles cut from fabric, gently bending the edges.

It remains only to make the decor of the outfit with leaves and apples from the same canvas.

Important! The vest can be worn on a white or any other bright shirt.

Workshop on the manufacture of hats to alongside:

Choose a canvas of a light green hue about a meter, it is better to take with a margin, ribbon, two ribbons of green and brown shades, stickers or painted images in the form of apples of different sizes, matching threads, needles, scissors and chalk.

If you are reluctant to sew a vest or there is no time, then you should buy ready-made pants and a turtleneck or sweater in green tones.

Measure the girth of the boy’s head with a tape, for example, 53 cm and add a couple cm to this measure for allowances for seams:

  • Cut a rectangle of the required length from the green canvas.
  • It is advisable to make the height of such a rectangle larger, to process the edges with a lighter, otherwise the canvas may part.
  • Tighten the bottom edge of the product and carefully hem it, the elastic will be inserted there.
  • Assemble the canvas on the rubber band.
  • Trim and hem the hem.
  • Fold the canvas in half and sew it from the inside out.
  • Put on the boy’s head and pull off the edges of the top rubber with regular rubber for hair.
  • The tip can be slightly twisted, then folded in half and fastened with threads in tone.
  • Twist the green edges on top of the cap with a dark brown satin or satin ribbon, fasten with threads or ordinary glue, the seam should not be visible.
  • For the leaf, you need to draw a contour from the inside out on a dark green satin ribbon and cut it out, walk around the edges with matches or a lighter.

The hat is ready!

Paper model

If there is absolutely no time for sewing, then you can build an outfit from paper. You will need cardboard or paper in bright colors, a pencil, scissors, paints with a brush and glue.

Costume workshop:

  • Cut the shape of an apple from colored cardboard or paper, if there is no color, then you can paint ordinary paper with paints.
  • Cut or decorate the apple leaves, they will need to make 4 pieces.
  • For a hat, roll brown paper into a cylinder and glue it.
  • To build a belt from a ribbon and hang figures of apples on it, by the way, you can also make a strip of paper on the head with an apple in the middle.

It’s not difficult to make an apple costume, there are simpler options for those who do not have time and sewing skills. You can take more complex options for those involved in needlework.