DIY angel costume

In anticipation of the New Year and Christmas holidays, parents begin to think about original and colorful costumes for their children. One of the most popular characters in Christmas productions is an angel - a gentle and airy character. With a little effort, you can create an angel costume for a boy or girl with your own hands.

Costume base

The costume can be made from existing things or sew an outfit specifically for the holiday.

From finished clothes

As the basis of the costume for the young princess, you can use finished products in the wardrobe. For this, a white shade dress is suitable . A voluminous tulle skirt in addition with a white blouse or a T-shirt with gold ornaments will harmoniously look .

TIP . White outfit can be changed to black robe. Then the child’s costume will become an imitation of a fallen angel.

Do it yourself

The base is easy to sew on your own, using a minimum of knowledge from the field of cutting and sewing.


  • the cloth;
  • sewing meter;
  • piece of chalk;
  • scissors;
  • sewing machine.

Using a sewing meter, take measurements. We will need the length of the product, the length of the sleeves, the circumference of the waist, chest and neck . We mark the patterns on the material and cut out.

HELP . length may vary according to the personal preferences of the child. For example, just above the knee or on the floor.

We sew parts together in zigzag seams. The dress is ready. The area of ​​the belt, sleeves and bottom can be decorated with a thin strip of satin gold ribbon. When sewing, the sleeves can be long, in the form of flashlights or flared.

The basis of the costume for the boy

A carnival image for a boy can also be assembled from finished products. For this, a plain shirt and t-shirt are suitable. The bottom will be pants or shorts without a bright ornament.

With independent tailoring, you can use the pattern of a shirt and trousers of free cut.


  • white fabric
  • rubber;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • sewing machine.

As a pattern for panties, use ready-made trousers. You can add a few centimeters to make the product more free. In the area of ​​the belt we insert an elastic band to fix the trousers.

A shirt will require measurements of product length, neck circumference and shoulder width. We mark the obtained parameters on the fabric, cut it out. Sew on a sewing machine in a zigzag stitch. At the waist, you can tie a small satin ribbon of a golden hue.

TIP. Golden material can be replaced with white or silver. Ribbons are also suitable for decorating sleeves or necklines.

Add details to create an image.

Having prepared the foundation, we proceed to the important details that will give the angel costume a complete look.


Volumetric fluffy wings belong to one of the main attributes of an angel costume . In specialized stores a large selection of products is presented, which are not always distinguished by good quality and favorable price. With a few familiar materials, wings are easy to make.

ATTENTION! This manufacturing method is also suitable for preparing a fairy costume.


  • wire;
  • elastic fabric;
  • rubber;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • boa for decoration;
  • glue.

The frame for the wings is wire . We form the necessary shape from the material. Corners can be made pointed or rounded, depending on preferences.

We fasten the ends of the wire together on the back, at the junction of both halves of the wings. To avoid injuries, the joint of the wire can be wrapped in several layers of dense matter, and sew the ends .

Decorate wings

We proceed to decorating. The frame is covered with elastic material in white or silver shades . Gently stitch the junction of the fabric. From the wrong side to the fabric we sew two elastic bands in the shoulder area. They will fix the accessory on the body.

When choosing a boa, you should focus on products with long and fluffy feathers . Carefully remove the feathers from the scarf, attach to the fabric with glue. When decorating, you can glue the entire surface or some areas.

TIP . Feathers made of paper cut out by yourself are also suitable for decoration. They are glued to the wings overlapping each other.


The final detail of the angel is the halo.


  • bezel;
  • wire;
  • dense fabric;
  • threads
  • needle;
  • Scotch;
  • tinsel, boa or cobweb yarn.

Using the wire, we form two antennae in the form of the letter V and fix them to the center of the rim . From a separate piece of wire we form a small circle. We fix the circle to the antennae. At the place where the material and the rim are attached, we sew a small piece of dense fabric so that the wire does not cause uncomfortable sensations.

We wrap the circle itself with decor material. In the Christmas version it can be tinsel of silver or golden hue. When decorating with yarn, it is recommended to make several layers to make the halo more magnificent.

The costume is ready!

Children's parties are always accompanied by costumed performances. New Year's carnivals can not do without one of the main characters - an angel. Using a few tricks, you can make an angel costume yourself.