Diamond pendant earrings title

Girandole, diamond earrings with pendants, give the owner a special charm. The play of light in stone, a whole handful of sparks escaping from the "dancing" precious mineral, is fascinating, does not allow you to take your eyes off the man-made miracle.

History of the jewelry miracle

Although the desire to decorate the body appeared simultaneously with the desire to illuminate the room - curly candlesticks, which in France were called the girandole (an armful of sparks), masters of art forging learned to make earlier.

Jewelers, noticing how crystal faces flicker on the pendants decorating the lamp, almost immediately introduced earrings into fashion, where the precious mineral (often the only major satellite) moved freely due to the fastening. The name is fixed. Now the French ladies flaunted at court, adorned with intricate adornment.

A beautiful decoration and a simple fairy tale. Earrings with pendants were worn back in Athens (4th century BC). Moreover, the microtechnology of processing and laying out of gold granules in one product has not yet been repeated.

Important. Antique earrings were found in 1853 during excavations on the outskirts of Feodosia, now stored in the treasury of the Hermitage

Pendant earrings are a traditional jewel in Central Asia and the Middle East. During the Crusades, when the Teutonic knights and merchants came into contact with a different culture, gold and silver jewelry, richly decorated with stones and enamel, began to go to Europe, like a trophy or goods.

Then local jewelers figured out to replace the semi-precious stones with diamonds. There are no modern cutting techniques when the number of faces is calculated from the surface area and the shape of the stone. Under the jewelry mineral, polished cabochon without edges, metal foil was placed for the play of light.

Having received and tried on the jewelry, the ladies of high society, or rather, their gallant gentlemen, saw the similarity of earrings, where several bright stones hung in a pendant with a bouquet (at that time a sheaf). From here came the name Girandole, a sheaf of sparks from French.

Then pendants began to decorate and home decoration. But since the candlestick of several candles is also, in fact, a sheaf - a lamp with pendants also received this name.

Girandole for socialites

Modern girandole with diamonds is a delicate jewelry work and impeccable flair of the master. The pendant hanging on the earring can be decorated with a scattering of small (less than 0.01 carats) pebbles. And an intricate pattern around one large stone can be laid out.

Note. Of the whole variety of minerals that make up the group, only 20 are precious (about 100) among jewelers.

Products are also rare when a girandole with diamonds also includes a small gold nugget instead of a central stone. Two identical nuggets in the world do not exist. To pick up similar ones and create a “duet” when diamonds do not draw attention to themselves, but force the “bends” and curls of gold to “play” - only a craftsman who is subtly sensitive to the “soul” of a stone and a gold bar can.