Designer clothes on the verge of madness

Clothing allows a person to express themselves, to make public their inner essence and mood. Designers are trying to bring to life not only the ideas of practical, comfortable and beautiful clothes. Often their creations are filled with avant-garde, a combination of incongruous. At fashion shows, they present absolutely incredible, amazing collections, sometimes bordering on absurdity.

To what absurdity designers reach when creating clothes

Imaginative designers find it easier to come up with an intricate and sophisticated outfit than prefer simple and convenient models. This style is passed down from a generation of XX century designers to younger 21st century designers.

The British fashion designer Gareth Pugh, the founder of the Gareth Pugh brand, has been producing shocking collections since 2006 that shock viewers with “ethereal” outfits. Futuristic style dominates in his collections. Models are not always designed for everyday wear, so they look somewhat absurd. Clothing from Gareth Pugh is not saturated with different colors, it is made entirely in black or white. Its shape can be elongated, tight, with sharp or enlarged corners in volume. The figure has a geometric shape, making the image rigorous and “prickly”. Headgear in the form of balls and “kokoshniks”, as well as a pile of fabric on the neck and shoulders make the outfits ridiculous.

Designer Paco Raban from Spain in the 20th century transferred his architect skills to his debut collection of clothes made of metal, plastic, paper and leather. The experimental models of these materials framed with feathers looked absurd and unrealistic.

The creation of the most avant-garde brand Viktor & Rolf, the world of fashion owes two designers from the Netherlands, Victor Horsting and Rolf Srenen. They made a women's collection with characteristic sculptural forms in which the proportions of the normal human body were violated. Twice the enlarged top or middle of the clothes looked absurd. Their outfits have an innovative design and in some cases veiled humor, which leaves the collection a place only on the catwalk.

Designer crashes

Not all designers manage to win the recognition of fashion fans. Like any creative people, they also happen to crash.

  1. One of the main reasons why sewn clothing is unusable is the improper use of the fabric pattern when cutting the product. Drawing on the finished outfit, tightening the human body, can create the illusion of the continuation of any of its parts. Sometimes it looks very funny and can put an end to the further use of the outfit, especially if the drawing is located in intimate areas.

  2. The combination of the color of the product and its shape with the human body can have an unexpectedly unsuccessful effect.

  3. An unsuccessful combination of fabric parts of clothing with a pattern can give a similar result - the appearance of a completely inappropriate and ambiguous pattern. Such designer mistakes make clothes unusable, and their work leads to collapse.

  4. The use of inappropriate and useless details in the design of clothing also classifies it as unsuccessful.

  5. It is not always possible to make out a small print right away. From a distance it can look nice, but if you look closely, you can see completely unexpected silhouettes. So, on a stylish men's shirt, small silhouettes of an intimate man and woman may appear.

Such mistakes in the creation of clothes can be made only by inexperienced masters who should learn this amazing art from fashion designers.