Denim Skirt Pattern

Each women's wardrobe must have several skirts. But for many fashionistas, a jeans skirt remains the most beloved and popular.

But it is not always possible to find a suitable model. But you can sew a denim skirt with your own hands. We will tell you how to do it.

We are building a pattern

The success of the work will depend on the exact and correctly constructed pattern. It is carried out by individual standards.

What measurements will be needed

To achieve a good fit of the product on the figure, take measurements:

  • waist and hips
  • the length from the waist to the floor and the proposed bottom in front, side and back.

ATTENTION! Measurements are taken on a nude. The tape should not be stretched or sagged. A belt is tied at the waist so that measurements are accurate.

All measurements are recorded in centimeters.

  • To find the waist line, press the bent arm at the elbow to the body. Where the elbow ends, there is the waist. The tape should go horizontally.
  • To measure the girth of the hips, place the tape horizontally slightly below the waist . We lower it to the widest place to go through a closed tape along the entire length of the skirt.
  • For accurate measurement of length, it is better to use this method. The desired length in front is 50. The distance from the waist line to the floor in front is 103. The difference between the measurements: 103-50 = 43. The length of the sections of the structure is set as follows: in front - 103-43 = 60. Side: 105-43 = 62, rear - 103-43 = 60. In the example, the difference in the length measurements is 2 cm. So the length on the side rises above the points of the middle of the front and rear panels of the skirt.

IMPORTANT! The girths for constructing the drawing are divided in half, since we are building only half of the part.

The basis for building a classic denim skirt

For work, you can take a ready-made drawing of the base of the skirt and adjust it in size.

You can also prepare the foundation yourself. To do this, build a grid, and then a drawing on it.

ATTENTION! When building a grid, all lines should be strictly perpendicular.

  • We start from point A, lay down the length of the product and get point G (the front line).
  • We measure in width PB (half-circumference of the hips), plus 1 cm per fitting. We get point B (waist line).
  • Now, knowing the length and width, we need to build a rectangle and get the point B.
  • Location of tucks. From the points on the thigh line we measure 1/6 PB plus 1 cm. Divide the remaining segment in half and get a side cut.
  • Calculation of tucks. Subtract Fri from Pb. Lateral tuck is equal to half the entire amount. Rear tuck is ½ lateral plus 1 cm.
  • We postpone in the drawing from the point of intersection of the line of the back tuck with the waist line to the right 2 and left 3 cm.
  • We make a side tuck in the same way: to the right 3 and to the left 5 cm. Connect the dots.

IMPORTANT! When building the foundation, the seams are not taken into account, do not forget this when cutting.

Denim Skirt Modeling

When we have a basic drawing (base), you can simulate straight, tapered down, slightly flared products.

  • We narrow the side seams by 2 cm and connect the new points with the hip line.
  • On the back seam we will make an allowance for the slot 11 cm long and 3.5 cm wide.
  • We outline the line of the coquette on the back panel.
  • We cut the back tuck to the line of the yoke, from the side of the side seam we cut along the line of the yoke, close the tuck tuck, it goes into the yoke line.
  • We outline a place for a pocket.
  • On the front panel we make an allowance for the fastener 15 cm long and 4.5 cm wide.
  • Transferring the undercut to the side seam.
  • We outline the pocket, it can be just for decoration (without burlap).

Pattern denim skirts for girls

For sewing, you can take not only new fabric, but also old jeans . They are combined with various materials: knitwear, cotton, silk, lace and so on. Skirts can be sewn with both a belt and an elastic band.

For girls, we also draw a basic pattern and, changing it a little, we get an A-silhouette skirt.

REFERENCE. The style of the skirt is suitable for each figure. The bottom line in them is expanded to the depth of the tuck. The width of the skirt depends on the difference between the waist and hips.

We will simulate a children's A-silhouette skirt.

  • On the front panel of the base base, cut along the vertical line from the end of the tuck to the line.
  • We close the tuck, the skirt will expand along the bottom line.
  • We do the same with the rear panel.

ATTENTION! The bottom of the skirt is extended at the same distance on both the front and rear panels.

Useful Tips for Sewing a Denim Skirt

  • Before buying fabric, make a pattern. It will be easier for you to calculate how much material is required per skirt.
  • Do not rush to cut, the fabric needs to be washed, dried and ironed.
  • For a sewing machine, take needles No. 100 or special jeans No. 80-100. These needles have a very thin tip. They are wear resistant.
  • Buy a quality fastener. Then you do not have to often change the zipper in the skirt.
  • Thick sections of seams before sewing should be well steamed through a damp material. Then the fabric softens and becomes thinner. But you still need to sew at low speeds, and it’s better to scroll these places manually.
  • When moving from a thick to thin section, place fabric or cardboard under the presser foot so that the presser foot is supported when sewing.
  • For stitching you will need a decorative thread. Tuck it on top. Reinforced thread No. 45 is used in a bobbin.