Defiant and expensive ugliness of fashionable things

As the saying goes, "and the old woman is a bungle." So in the midst of fashion designers, sometimes instead of future trends, ideas are born that shock many experienced people. How not to get an ugly novelty and what things to watch out for? We will talk about this below.

Expensive garbage jeans

We all know for sure - the place of dirty things in dry cleaning, and sometimes, if the situation is no longer fixed, and just in a garbage container. But they didn’t guess!

The American company Nordstrom thinks differently. Recently, on the shelves of her stores you can see a denim set of PRPS, which looks like it was very dirty in the mud. Seeing this, ignorant people might think. that things lay for a long time in an earthen pit or they were picked up in a landfill.

If the “dirty” trousers seem not enough, then a jacket of no less shabby appearance can complement this monstrous ensemble.

The initial idea of ​​the designers of these specific gizmos is that they should become a symbol of the extraordinary hard work of their owner, who boldly takes on any work, even the dirtiest. Not one of the most advanced washing powder can ever wash off these artificial stains on clothes, no matter how you try to correct the situation.

The most interesting thing is that the appearance of “dirty” jeans suits inspired Reebok to manufacture something similar. T-shirts “decorated” with sweat stains on the stomach or chest began to come across the Internet. They demonstrate that the owner of such a treasure for $ 425 is quite possibly an athlete.


Designed for lovers of home comfort. A three-in-one transformer made of leather, priced at $ 1, 198, is made under the Alexander Wang brand .

If this material does not suit you, then the boutiques are full of various items, especially since bathrobes are a trend of recent seasons.

Transparent pants made of plastic

If physical labor is definitely not about you. Topshop invented absolutely “clean” pants for a hundred dollars. More precisely, they are completely transparent.

Sellers call them nothing more than jeans, which is quite surprising for visitors.

It is impossible to wear such “jeans” without any prying. It can be thin pants, leggings, shorts.

The same company, only a little earlier, presented its customers with another surprise - jeans for $ 95, with plastic “windows” in the knee area.

Transparent plastic skirt and jacket

Plastic is a favorite material for British designers under the Fyodor Golan brand . This brand was formed by Russian Fyodor Podgorny and a native of Israel Golan Fridman .

These "comrades" marked themselves at London Fashion Week with their set of plastic jackets for $ 830 and skirts for $ 405. They were decorated with colorful office stickers.

I must say that the material a la "plastic bag" is becoming increasingly popular among different social groups - from ordinary people to superstars. What is only the "fishing" outfit of the same Kim Kardashian in the form of high plastic stocking boots.

Boots in different colors

You can save your time by wearing Balenciaga boots-pants for $ 2850. They are worn complete with a dress or as an independent ensemble.

For the well-known Salma Hayek, this little thing is an indispensable thing in the wardrobe, which at any time can be combined with your favorite dress.

A similar idea is akin to top models from the United States Lily Aldridge. But this fashionista prefers the still light version in the form of stockings for $ 1, 400.

Latex toe sandals

According to fashion experts, socks + sandals = Moveton . It turns out that this is not so. Especially when the socks are made of latex by Gucci designers.

If desired, socks can be removed and put on sandals on your bare foot. Only here the issue price is a little expensive - 1190 dollars.

Two-headed cowboy shoes

It is unlikely that something may surprise you like this unusual men's shoe model from Hood By Air. Her appearance in New York during fashion week made a splash.

Commentators joked that "soon men will easily walk both back and front . " And they will also have a great opportunity to kick their detractors from any direction.

Toe boots

I did not miss the opportunity to cross shoes and the “runaway” socks and Loewe from Spain . Among the released models, a pair for $ 770 attracts attention. In reality, after a few minutes, you no longer feel ridiculous.

In order not to be in an awkward position, choosing clothes and shoes should be guided by common sense. Remember that not everything is fashionable - it is elegant and stylish. The main thing is to make the right choice. And then you will always be irresistible.