Decorations in the office dress code

Want to be stylish, but not go beyond corporate ethics? Which of the jewelry will be a harmonious complement to the female business image? We will talk about this and much more below.

What kind of jewelry can be worn in the office?

When working in the office, you are always in full view of many people. Therefore, the desire to dress beautifully and look spectacular is quite logical. What to wear: jewelry or jewelry? Let's try to figure it out.

Important! Not all accessories in this case will be appropriate. In order not to become a "black sheep" you need to strictly follow office ethics.

The main thing is to learn how to correctly place accents:

  • Avoid too bright colors.
  • Do not demonstrate your religious affiliation: an Orthodox cross or Islamic symbols is best worn under clothes.
  • Refuse zodiac signs.
  • The ideal choice is monochrome.
  • From stones, light pearls or diamonds with smooth lines will do.

On a note! Mixing contrasts is allowed only on Friday, which is considered a freer day.

  • Set aside felted woolen gizmos, multicolor beads, large beads and all kinds of furs.
  • There is nothing wrong with an exclusive, such as a pen inlaid with stones or with gold trim. But their price should correspond to your status and earnings.

Common Dress Code Rules

Experts recommend:

Do not mix different metals in a business style, although this trend is literally a "squeak of fashion."

Do not wear more than three accessories at a time.

The main purpose of jewelry is to emphasize the individuality and sophistication of its owner. Therefore, they are contraindicated in brightness and brightness .

Adhere to the appropriateness of choice . The same diamonds before lunch are bad taste, and during a business dinner - a great addition to the outfit.


A great choice - earrings-earrings in a concise design . Precious and “simpletons” look equally good.

Workdays and evening rendezvous will be decorated with pearls and pearls.

The brand of the season is geometric minimalism. Any decorations in the form of cubes, circles, rectangles will do.

Small sized neat earrings match the office bow.


The neckline of a woman invariably attracts the eyes of men. Do not forget to decorate it, creating your own unique image. The best solution is pearl beads . This graceful “pea” is an integral part of fashion accessories from Chanel and Gucci this season.

Important! Different beads are allowed, but not too bright and massive.

And what a woman can resist a stylish pendant and chain! Such an ensemble should correspond to a strict office environment.

Advice! No letters, hearts, names! The length of the chain should be medium. Leave very long for informal events.

At the peak of fashion this season, all kinds of pendants. They can be successfully used in the office dress code. Pay attention to the laconic form and natural shades. Ideally, the decoration should be the only one. It is allowed to dilute the image with tiny earrings-cloves.


Business women can wear them in pairs. Elegant small models are preferred.

Important! There is no place for large diamond rings in the office.

Do you work for a liberal company? Then wear this gorgeous beauty to your health. Only in a single copy and in a consistently simple version.

Modern designers persistently promote the idea of ​​"open" lines . These rings are a great choice for office bows.


Business style allows you to wear a watch at the same time - on the left hand, a bracelet - on the right . Here are some tips for fashionistas:

  • the chain bracelet should lie freely on the wrist;
  • a precious product strewn with small pebbles, ideally, exactly corresponds to the volume of the hand;
  • the fashion trend of the season is open, without fasteners, or a laconic chain with a crossbar.


Long gone are the days when brooches were the inheritance of stylish aged women. Modern young women enjoy using these jewelry in their arsenal. Many famous designers give them a lot of attention in their collections. These accessories look great with outerwear, different types of jackets .

Appreciate the unique elegance and subtle chic? Feel free to wear a stylish brooch on office clothes. This season's trendy floral theme will complement your look perfectly. The most relevant option is laconic flowers and leaves.


Appreciate your time? Wear medium-sized business classics with a neutral strap . The official style is very demanding on this element of the women's wardrobe, so take his choice very seriously. Primary requirements:

  • no frills on the simple dial of a round, square or rectangular shape;
  • the traditional bracelet is tightened exactly to the wrist;
  • watches in a thin case and in size should correspond to the type of hand;

Important! Moderation is the main principle of a business lady. A wide wrist does not tolerate miniature watches, and a thin one - of bulky models.

  • with mechanical plant or quartz;
  • in addition to the classic design can show the date;
  • steel or gold color;
  • the decoration is modest, restrained.

Jewelry in the office dress code plays a very important role. On how correctly they will be selected, the reputation depends - not only yours, but the whole company.

When creating your business image, be guided by your own taste, design preferences and corporate ethics recommendations. Take on moderation and restraint. And then you will always look perfect.