Cross or frankincense - what to choose?

The cross is put on when performing the sacrament of baptism, it is worn on the body for life. But what about wands, is it not a response of ancient paganism? Often among Orthodox Christians the question arises, is it possible to wear both symbols together?

Cross as a reminder of the great sacrifice

This is not a simple decoration, but a symbol of faith and a means of protection from unclean thoughts. When we look at him, we remember how Christ conquered death and granted salvation to believers. Repeatedly noted his amazing properties, he is able to protect with Divine grace.

There can only be one cross, this is not jewelry, it is worn under clothing so that no one can see it. It doesn’t matter what exactly it hangs on: a chain, ribbon or rope.

Is wearing a cross required?

It has been a tradition for many centuries, but there are no strict duties, only recommendations. Religion is associated with certain rituals, and many sacraments prescribe the rules of wearing during their performance. Therefore, it is rather strange to show self-will and come to church without a consecrated pectoral cross.

In case of loss, you need to contact the priest in the church, you will need to receive communion, buy a new cross and be sure to consecrate it.

It is impossible to replace the cross with anything; it is precisely it that is a symbol of the Christian faith. You can’t pass it on to someone else’s, this is an individual thing that belongs to a particular person. The only possible case is a purchase as a gift to a close relative or future godson.

What is incense and whether to wear it

Incense is a special small bag in which incense is most often put. It is worn around the neck. The custom came from ancient times, when our ancestors sewed objects of pagan worship or earth into such bags.

Smoke incense is ritual in nature and means prayer, which rises to God. It can not be considered that he has magical powers.

Nowadays, all kinds of pendants with the image of the apostles, holy people, Jesus Christ, the Virgin, the Guardian Angel are meant under the cradle. They often consist of two halves, and it is convenient to invest in them a piece of the holy land or the relics of the saints. It is best worn on a chain, as the amulet cannot be lowered below the waist.


Most popular images:

  • Christ the Savior;
  • Nikolai Ugodnik, he has long been considered the patron saint of travelers, sailors, prisoners and the poor;
  • George the Victorious, he protects all those whose profession is associated with risk and courage.


Without a doubt, the image of the Mother of God is the most popular, because she is the first prayer house for people. All Christians can wear her image. But most of all, she protects women, helping to become a mother and maintain a family hearth.

So what is better to choose?

The opinions of the priests agree, the thing cannot be a miraculous defense against evil, it is not worth falling into pagan superstitions. The protection of the Orthodox Christian consists in prayer, humility, mercy and repentance . It is important to go to confess, to share what torments, facilitating the soul in this way. A righteous lifestyle will surely protect you from sin and evil spirits.

Religion preaches modesty and abstinence, so you should definitely refrain from excessive decoration, even if it is associated with Christian themes.

The Church and God cares about the salvation of the soul, and not the number of amulets hung on the neck of a parishioner. In fact, frankincense is a reassurance of oneself by the knowledge that the saint is always there, he needs to be thanked for every day lived. The pectoral cross is an ancient creed, a distinctive sign of a Christian who adheres to the traditions of the church, it can be worn separately or with an incense.

The main thing is to like the product. When choosing, it is worthwhile to carefully study the assortment, a cross or frankincense should respond in the shower with warmth and peace.