Crocheted fluffy skirt for girls

Girls love beautiful and voluminous dresses and skirts. But what a beautiful and unusual skirt with a hook you can do it yourself .

The brightest models with a step-by-step description are waiting for all the masters on this page. Download the schematics and try to knit for their girls.

Yarn and Hook Selection

Yarn for a full skirt is more suitable not too thick.

Since the dense fiber will simply fall and will not keep its shape.

And these models like to soar and it’s better to make each strip openwork and light.

The hook is easy to choose according to the thickness of the thread and the convenient handle for the master.


It is important not to rush and before creating a beautiful model take a few minutes to knit a sample according to the pattern of the model .

Crochet buttonhole set

Crochet Chain Set

He will show what density of knitting and will help to calculate the exact number of loops for the model.

Crocheted fluffy skirts for girls

Beautiful and elegant skirts made with a small hook. It is no more difficult to carry out models than to perform a napkin according to the canvas pattern.

Fluffy pink skirt

Cute and tender model for a very little girl.

To work, you will need:

  • pehorca yarn 200 gr;
  • hook number 2.


Measure the circumference of the hips and waist.


A very wide and beautiful elastic band is made with a canvas from columns without a crochet. Tie from top to bottom. The upper line will be equal to the waist circumference and plus 2 cm. The lower border of the hips circumference. Therefore, between the indicators make uniform additions.


The lower part is made of three canvases of the main pattern. First knit the bottom. Next, from the middle, knit the middle tier from the middle of the pattern and knit the last, but only the last leaflets according to the pattern.


This model will be decorated with a small bow made of linen without crochets and a tie with flowers from the same yarn tied around the edge.

Green skirt with a bow

Just a gorgeous model. This bright color and bow, and these shuttlecocks. Just a dream, not a skirt.

To work, you will need:

  • green iris yarn;
  • hook number 0.85.


We measured the waist circumference and begin to calculate the number of loops for the set. It is not necessary to measure the circumference of the hips, since the skirt is very lush and does not fit tightly.

Can be done in the blue version:


Using scheme number 1, knit a belt for the skirt. Make 7 rows. Next, tie the tabs so that you can further insert the ribbon, like a decorative belt. It is better to knit directly on the canvas, without further sewing.

Scheme 1 for the belt

First tier

The first tier is the lower tier and it is the longest. Then knitting will go faster. For a long tier, you must first knit a net of the required length. At the very edge, make a pattern with lace.

Scheme for the 1st tier (the longest) - grid


Next, the tiers in the pattern knit already on the grid. The latter should be tied from the belt itself so that there are no cracks.

Scheme for tiers


A satin ribbon decorative belt will decorate the already perfect model.

Important! It is better to burn the ends of the tape so that they do not dissolve the canvas.

Having connected these models for a girl, you will definitely not be disappointed in your work, because in such magnificent skirts you want to circle and dance. The thing is unlikely to ever be in the wardrobe. Girls really appreciate fashionable things.