Crochet sun skirt

The skirt-sun is one of the leading positions in the women's wardrobe. It has many variations and forms. Among them is a crocheted option.

Its popularity is explained not only by style, but also by the fact that recently, things made independently, have occupied one of the leading positions on the fashionable Olympus.

Even a beginner needlewoman is quite capable of making a fashionable skirt. To do this, it is enough to choose the right model and spend some free time.

Crochet Sun Skirt

This option does not provide for the use of patterns, since the model is performed in a continuous manner in a circle.

Preparation for work

Before work, you need to perform several actions.

  • Measure: waist and length.
  • Choose a model.
  • Get the right yarn and knitting tool.

Reference! In order to find a beautiful and extraordinary thing, it is not necessary to look for a detailed description. It will be enough to use patterns for knitting round tablecloths or napkins.

Often this style requires the use of a dense lining or the use of a cover. Therefore, you need to buy a suitable fabric: satin, chiffon or satin.

Yarn and Hook Selection

The preparatory phase is very important for the successful flow of work and achieve the best result. And the choice of material and tool is its most important part.


The hook is selected based on the thickness of the yarn. The material from which it is made is also important.

To determine the correct size of the hook used, it is enough to fold the fiber in half and compare with the head of the tool.

The choice of hook material is determined individually by the craftswoman, depending on which one is more convenient to use.

Materials used in the production of knitting hooks:

  • metal;
  • plastic;
  • wood;
  • bone.


Yarn is selected based on seasonality. For warm weather: linen, silk, cotton. In the cold season, it is better to use wool, mohair, alpaca and angora.

Important! Pay particular attention to the thickness of the thread being purchased. This model assumes airiness and plasticity of the canvas, so thin yarn should be used.

Knitting skirts

The most impressive and original look variations of the subject with an uneven edge. Such a model is presented below in the photo.

In order to understand the manufacturing principle, let's analyze the workflow using this example.

For the embodiment you will need cotton / viscose blended yarn with parameters of 400 m \ 100 g and hook No. 3.

The model is connected according to scheme No. 1 from the second row.

Scheme No.

Repeat the central part one and a half times. Then smoothly switch to the pattern according to scheme No. 2.

Scheme number 2

On the top of the product, knit a belt with an English gum pattern. Insert a knitted cord into the cavity.

This product requires a cover or lining . As a lower skirt, you can use a cover sewn from tulle.

Useful tips for crocheting a sun skirt

In conclusion, we present several recommendations that will help facilitate the workflow.

  • After completing work, be sure to conduct wet-heat treatment of the product . And also dry it in the form laid out on a horizontal surface.
  • Before starting, tie a small sample of the main pattern and spend it WTO. Often yarn is subject to stretching after washing. Therefore, this action will help you figure out how the material will behave after manufacture.
  • Thin yarn when crocheting is often confused and strewed from the main skein. To avoid this, rewind it in a tight ball before starting to knit .
  • To gradually enter the thread during the manufacture of the web, place the ball in a plastic bucket and close the lid, after making a small hole in it for the tip of the thread.

Creative inspiration and even loops!