Crochet summer bag

Summer is a season of bright colors and original solutions for creating unusual images. And the appearance depends not only on the outfit, but also on the use of extraordinary accessories. And what can be more unique than a thing created by your own hands. A crocheted summer bag can become such an accessory.

We will tell you how to crochet a summer bag with your own hands.

Knitting materials and tools

For a successful and beautiful end result, you need to properly prepare for the upcoming lesson. To do this, you have to perform several actions.

  • Decide on a model.
  • Purchase material.
  • Choose the right tool.
  • Optionally choose the appropriate decor.

For craftswomen who are just starting their career, it is preferable to choose simple options . Otherwise, you should carefully monitor all stages of the process.

Yarn for the summer model, choose a light, but sufficient density .

It is easiest to knit with cotton thread (250 m / 100 g). You can also use viscose with the same parameters. This fiber is even preferable, since products made of it are less dirty and wash better. In extreme cases, you can take acrylic yarn of sufficient thickness. Typically, manufacturers produce these options in a wide color palette. Moreover, the assortment is dominated by bright and rich colors.

Tool selection can be done according to the information on the skein label . Manufacturers usually indicate recommended sizes. But if such information is missing or seems unreliable to you, there is another proven way. Fold the thread in half and compare with the thickness of the hook head. These indicators should be the same.

ATTENTION! Be sure to wipe the tool with a soft cloth before use.

This will save you from the invisible plaque, which eventually forms on it and interferes with the advancement of the thread, and can also stain the fiber.

How to tie a summer bag

As soon as you choose a suitable model and prepare everything you need for work, you can proceed directly to the creation process itself.

For beginner needlewomen, we offer a detailed description of the work and the scheme. With their help, a variety of summer hand-made bags will be a bright addition to your wardrobe.

To implement this option, you will need to prepare such materials and tools.

  • Cotton yarn with parameters of 250 m / 100 g.
  • Hook number 4.
  • Wide handle chain.
  • Rings for fastening the chain.
  • Leather or satin ribbon for decoration.
  • Lightning and magnetic button.
  • Lining fabric.


Square layout

Pattern Fan Pattern

Completing of the work

  • Prepare a pattern for your size.

Attention! Before you start knitting, be sure to follow the pattern and spend it WTO.

  • Bind the main part (with the exception of the valve) with a sufficient number of CCH rows.
  • Tie the two side parts of the CCH.
  • For the valve, make 15 squares and combine them into a single canvas.
  • From the top, knit one row with a 4-crochet post.
  • Then do a few rows of CCH.
  • Tie the valve on three sides with one row of a fan pattern.
  • Attach the valve to the main part.
  • Sew the lining part to the main part, having previously installed the first part of the magnetic button on it.


  • Sew the lining fabric to the side parts, while inserting the rings in the upper seam to secure the chain.
  • Assemble the product with a hook, tying the mating sides of the RLS.
  • Sew a zipper.
  • Install the second part of the magnetic button.
  • Attach a chain to the rings.

    Tuck the decorative ribbon in the pattern shown in the photo.

Your handbag is ready!