Crochet suit for newborn

Babies look great in crocheted sets. All these frills and mugs, as well as openwork pattern only emphasizes the tenderness, charm and airiness of a small miracle. And even an inexperienced needlewoman will be able to tie such a set. After all, they do not require the use of complex lines and an abundance of darts. Let's look at how to crochet this little thing.

Features of crocheting a costume for a newborn

Before you begin the workflow, you should choose what parts your kit will consist of. It can be traditional pants and a jacket. Or you can equip an openwork jumpsuit with a flirty blouse and a hat. And also in the set for the girl you can include a sarafan, a jacket and booties. The choice will depend on your desire.

It is also required to prepare the following material and tools:

  • Yarn. It is bought on the basis of seasonality, density, but in any case it should be natural fiber. For winter - wool, alpaca or angora, and for summer - cotton, linen and silk. Pay attention to the quality of the threads, they should be quite soft;

Attention! To find out if the soft yarn is soft enough, touch your skein with a skein. If you don’t feel discomfort from touching it, the material will work.

  • The tool is selected according to the thickness of the thread. For this, the fiber must be folded in half and compared with the thickness of the hook head;
  • Decorative elements and fasteners. Most often, buttons are used in children's clothing, and embroidery and ribbons are best used as decoration.

How to crochet a costume for a newborn: step-by-step instruction

On the Internet, you can find many wonderful knitted models of sets for babies. And even more you can make it yourself, using the basic pattern and various combinations of patterns.

Next, let's take a look at the creation process using an example.

For the embodiment you will need cotton yarn and satin ribbons for decoration (blue for the boy, pink for the girl).

Completing of the work:

  • The top is tied with SSN raglan from top to bottom according to the calculation 12 \ 24 \ 24 \ 24 \ 12 (shelf \ sleeve \ back \ back \ sleeve \ shelf);
  • After the raglan is completed, the work is divided into four parts, and the canvas continues separately with a “fan” pattern according to the scheme;
  • After completing a canvas of sufficient size, grind the side seams;

  • Sew buttons and pull ribbon on top and sleeves. Tie beautiful bows;
  • Knit pants from two parts;
  • First, perform several rows of CCH (after assembly, this section is folded in half, hemmed and an elastic is inserted into it);
  • Then the work continues with a fan pattern. At a sufficient height to complete the formation of the legs;
  • Stitch seams:
  • Pull the ribbon for decoration, picking up the canvas with it, tie the flirty bows.

Before starting knitting, be sure to follow the pattern of the pattern and its WTO. Only then do the calculations.