Crochet straight skirt

The straight crochet skirt model is more like a classic. Very restrained and concise models are obtained. They are more like business and office models. But everything can be changed with one choice.

For this, an interesting color, more vibrant and catchy. Also, slightly modify the scheme, for example, to connect something so funny and lace, and here before my eyes there is a completely different idea of ​​a skirt with a straight cut crochet.

A few subtleties regarding this skirt model, and the most beautiful models with step-by-step description are only for crochet masters.

Yarn and hook

For a straight-cut skirt, you can take a different fiber. The choice will directly depend on the warmth of the product. Warm new items are best created with a small amount of wool.

But summer ones are more flying and made of cotton. Hook to find the size of the thread, but with the model you can experiment for your pleasure.


A knitting pattern is not only a representation of the pattern before the eyes, but also a qualitative assessment of it in color and in the thickness of the thread. But its most important role is that it is used to calculate the density of knitting.

Set of first loops

For each pattern and yarn this is its own indicator and it is simply necessary before creating a new little thing. Two numbers are the number of loops 10 cm horizontally and the number of vertical rows 10 cm. This is the density.

Crochet 1st Chain Set

After that, it is useful for the full calculation of loops for a set and for the width and even how many rows are required.

Step-by-step instructions on how to crochet a straight skirt

In a few simple steps, you can complete a whole skirt. All that is required is the ability to read the pattern and knit loops along the pattern of the canvas.

Rationally assess how many loops will be needed for your model. And where and how much to add and how to make smooth transitions - this is in each model separately.

Skirt straight sirloin

Unusual and very restrained product. From him he simply conjures up with something so simple and laid-back. As soon as such a thing falls into the hands, a picture of a walk in the park or a vacation in the country immediately forms in my head.

In work it is necessary:

  • cotton yarn;
  • hook 2 number.


The peculiarity of the skirt is that the cut is always straight and therefore it will be necessary to measure the waist circumference and the length of the product.

Important! Straight skirts do not do below the knee. They may be lower, but be sure to cut, otherwise in this product it will simply be uncomfortable to move.

Basic knitting

The skirt is knitted in circular rows and from the waistline. Do not worry that in the hips she will be small. The skirt stretches and it is better to let it be tight. Than it will simply hang a different size. Immediately start knitting with the conditional scheme of the sirloin net. For elastic use a lace . It will be very easy to insert it into a filet net.

Knit the product necessary along the length and perform the last row with simple and dense single crochet columns. This will tighten the product well and will not allow an unpleasant wave to form along the edge of the product.

Pineapple straight skirt

The pineapple pattern is even more popular than the usual smooth surface with columns or double crochets. It seems that a beginner in his first works uses more pineapple patterns than a regular column cloth that teaches to align the loops. And this is actually so, because the first work of a beginner is napkins.

In the work you need:

  • cotton yarn is a very thick fiber;
  • hook 4th number;
  • rubber.


Measure only the circumference at the waist of the model. All other indicators are practically not measured. The exception is that as you knit, the scheme is presented and, if desired, even try on. This is how the length of this unique product is estimated.


It is convenient if the skirt has a real elastic, and not a tie . It is not always convenient to use ties. But the gum just fixes and you do not need to bother it every time to carefully tie. The easiest way to do this is to tie 8 cm of canvas with single crochet columns. They are denser pressed and do not form gaps. Then go to the canvas pattern.

Important! Compare in advance how many loops will be needed for the correct number of rapports, so that you do not have to make additions in uncomfortable places. For size 46, the number of rapports was 9 in a circle.

Knit things to the desired length and after that just stop knitting. No strapping is definitely required here, since the bottom should turn out to be lace and wavy.

It remains to sew in an elastic band and try on how good the model is.

Crocheted popcorn skirt

The pattern is so attractive that the usual straight cut product makes it somehow unusual. From afar, you can take it for a reaper . And all this is done only by a hook and the most ordinary yarn.

The work will require:

  • yarn with acrylic;
  • hook 3 numbers.


Knit a sample of two patterns, of single crochet and fluffy columns of popcorn. According to the circumference, determine how many loops will be needed for the circumference in the columns. And also determine how many rapports will be needed around the circumference of the skirt in the popcorn pattern.


The pattern with crochets can safely act as an elastic band, since it stretches quite well and holds like an elastic band. Therefore, for 46 models, it is worth typing 146 columns and knitting only 10 rows of crochet columns.

The basis

After the elastic, immediately proceed to the popcorn pattern and knit according to the pattern for size 46, 22 rows of popcorn.

The most interesting thing is that nothing more is needed for the model. Since the pattern does not require any borders. On this product looks finished and you can measure what happened.

The three most interesting crochet patterns are knitted so quickly and easily.

Not only the master can execute them, they are accessible by their elementary schemes and simple steps for a beginner. Therefore, we chose the most luxurious model, and we begin to do beautiful things for ourselves and loved ones.