Crochet square yoke for baby dress

It is very difficult to knit a yoke, especially for beginners, and especially if there is no detailed plan for the implementation of the element.

Here are collected the most beautiful coquette that only a hook can fulfill.

You will find the most accessible schemes and the most understandable description in this article.

Yarn and hook

Yarn for coquette is selected depending on the model of dress or blouse.

For a summer product, no one will take thick and warm fiber. For the winter model, on the contrary, no one will pay attention to the thin yarn of iris.

The hook is selected in size to the thread - this is his main rule. But his models can be very different, depending on the master.

Calculation of the yoke by size

When calculating the coquette, attention should be paid to the model. But it is very important that the child’s head passes through the neck.

Therefore, we add the required number to the circumference of the neck. Next, look at the sizes of the shoulders and shelves. Since the expansion will increase the shoulder and shelves.

Scheme 1 square yoke

The first set usually has the following proportions: the sleeves are the same, and the shelves are two times larger than the sleeves. Knowing the rules, you can associate female or child models.

Scheme 2 square coquette

3 square coquette pattern

Two options for determining neck circumference

Neck circumference can simply be measured using a centimeter tape or see approximate sizes, depending on all measurements.

It is better to use the first method in your work. Another option is to define it by things.

What if the armhole was small when knitting?

A knitted product is distinguished by the fact that at the slightest mistake you can always dissolve the product and bandage it.

In the case of a small armhole, it is better to use this method.

Since at any rupture of the thread, the product will simply blossom and it will no longer be possible to reanimate it.

Crochet square yoke crochet options for a baby dress

A square armhole for a girl’s dress crocheted looks very nice. This is a very convenient raglan knit. Then a few beautiful and fairly simple models that can be performed by a very experienced master and a novice.

Beautiful square coquette mesh

This coquette is crocheted using the raglan technique. A very interesting mesh pattern with small inserts of slender rows.

The work will require:

  • iris yarn;
  • hook number 0.75.

Stage: sample

It will be necessary to bind the sample and calculate the density of knitting on it. Next, determine the circumference of the neck (around the circumference of the neck with appropriate allowances).

Stage: coquette

Take air loops in size and knit the first row according to the pattern of the scheme. It is better not to immediately connect the air loops into a ring, since the chain can easily turn over and the series will turn out a wave further.

It is better to connect in a ring after the first row. Then knit in circular rows. But there may be exceptions for dresses with fasteners on the side, front or back of the dress. In this case, knit the fabric according to the pattern, but not in circular rows.

Important! It is better to count on the size of the head when creating a square yoke. Next, divide the whole circle into 6 parts. Take one sixth for the sleeves, and two sixths for the shelves. Since the sleeves are usually half the front shelf half.

Knit the required shoulder width and the width of the shelves. Then leave the sleeves aside and continue knitting only the shelves and, depending on the models, in circular or straight rows.

Yoke double crochet

Very dense coquette made with single crochet columns . For her, one of the raglan patterns for a crocheted coquette is also used.

The work will require:

  • iris yarn;
  • hook number 0.75.

Stage: measurements

Measure the circumference of the neck and make allowances. Estimate how much the shelf fits in the size of the head. Then knit a small sample with a cloth of single crochet columns and evaluate how much the loops should be calculated.

Stage: coquette

Dial the corresponding number of loops. Make for the sleeves a few columns less than for the armholes. Since the sleeves are always smaller in size loops than the shelves themselves. Measure the width of the sleeve, and knit according to the raglan pattern in such a width. The additions are obtained due to four points with two air loops and paired double crochets in the air loops.

The result of this pattern is such a neat square coquette. If the width of the shelves is not as wide as necessary according to the model, then after completing the yoke, you can dial additional loops and make the shelves wider.

Stage: Border

The border on plain coquette looks very nice. It is better to do it with contrasting yarn.

These simple patterns help to create elegant and very even coquette for the dress. The most beautiful crocheted dresses are dresses with smooth and elegant coquettes. Equally attractive to the designer is that these coquets can be decorated with many things. Therefore, we try to make such beautiful and neat coquets and create favorite models of dresses for our children.