Crochet skirt pattern

Each product has its own canvas. For example, a summer dress is well crocheted with the use of some light, like a lace or not too dense shell. For trousers, it is better to take dense columns so that they do not shine through the legs. But what motive is ready to decorate the skirt. More about some crochet patterns, how to choose them, which ones are best for a summer skirt and many more subtleties about options for skirts.

How to choose a crochet pattern for a skirt

Not always the chosen skirt model is ready to surprise with its canvas. Very often the model and style pleased the master, but the pattern let us down. Do not abandon the selected product, you can always choose the option for it yourself, but using ready-made patterns. It is important to notice the main subtleties of this choice. Very often, masters ignore some patterns and those that look better in a thin thread are made of thick. Thick laces and other mistakes are out of place. To prevent this from happening with a beginner knitter, all the secrets about how and from which it is worth choosing a scheme.

Thick skirt pattern

Dense patterns are not always columns. But they can be different. The combination of multi-level columns. Variations with crossed canvases of loops can also produce a fairly dense fiber. These options are often used for a warm product, but can be transferred to the demi-season and even to the summer (knit exclusively from thin fiber).

Charming spikelets are very unusual and elegant for a skirt.

Here is the same shell, which is dense and it is very in demand for any product and for this one, including.

Very original and bright fantasy patterns with the transfer and crossing of air loops.

A fresh and new motif is a “seagull”, good not only for hats, but beautiful on a jacket and especially complete with a pencil skirt in the same role.

For such a pattern, you just do not need praise, everything is clearly visible - it is magnificent.

Unpretentious columns with a slight dilution of air loops, but this does not make the canvas weightless, it remains as dense and attractive for a winter product.

Rhombuses are popular not only with knitting needles, they can also be performed well by such a small hook.

Crochet pattern for summer skirt

The summer skirt is often made with light threads, iris or another cotton item. The thread itself is very thin and therefore very elegant and lace patterns will look advantageous.

The shell is not always dense, it can be among the mesh of air loops. It looks very elegant and feminine, even an ordinary square from this pattern attracts attention.

This unusual shell is not so simple. It has a network of branches and therefore it is good to create flared products with such a scheme.

Simple and pretty airy diamonds.

Another shell, even more airy and feminine. Such a canvas will require a petticoat, since it is a very transparent model.

Good and elongated diamonds for a long model.

Original weaving geometry for a summer skirt.

Skirts for girls

Girls themselves love short skirts, and they are more convenient for them. Long products must be able to wear. They value lush items even more and therefore a small selection of special patterns to create a lush and beautiful thing for the girl.

A grid of several canvases is not so transparent and is quite suitable for a magnificent product.

The original idea of ​​a no less magnificent pattern with the use of long columns with two crochets.

Very appetizing and tender model and the scheme itself.

What patterns are suitable for a skirt with an extension

The extension will help make special schemes with the addition and there is a whole line of such patterns for which there is no need to calculate the number of additions for a smooth rapport.

Schemes and description of knitting simple patterns for a skirt

Here are the simplest and most chic patterns to create a skirt.

Small branches do not make extensions and are more intended for a flat model without additions and flares. The following rapport is knitted in a chain: an air loop, two columns with one yarn in one loop (1 loop pass), an air loop and again two columns with one yarn in a loop where the first columns are knitted. Repeat the rapport. The next row will be knitted columns in a loop between two columns.

This was created specifically for a skirt and not simple, but flared. The rapport is 6 loops. The first row is the shells in the middle loop of the rapport. Knit 5 single crochet stitches; between them all the time make single crochet stitches. Then, in each row, add two double crochet columns (one to the right and one to the left of two air loops).

Interesting patterns for crochet skirts

Often masters are looking for a motive that could create something resembling the harmonica of a skirt. Here is a unique masterpiece that will remind you of such models.

Such patterns do not knit from top to bottom and not from bottom to top, but across. It is very convenient, you can immediately determine the long, and adjust the width at run time. Knit straight and reverse rows of single crochet, and then every 5 rows, make inserts with high columns with two crochets, which grow gradually.