Crochet a round bag of yarn ribbon

The bag was originally created for convenient movement of personal items. Phone, wallet and other documents. The package can handle this, but is it so beautiful. Therefore, the girls want to choose completely unusual models in the store. Stand out and get a very good product.

The most creative can be handbags created by a knitting master. Since these are definitely unique things. Excellent models are obtained only with a hook and ribbon yarn. But you can decorate them already to your taste and color.

Ribbon and Hook Yarn Selection

Ribbon yarn can have different thicknesses and therefore, depending on the wall density of the future handbag, you need to choose the most suitable model.

The colors are simply endless and this is also the preference of the master.

Ribbon yarn hook starts at 3 numbers. Depending on the thickness of the thread, it can be 5 and 6 numbers.

On the yarn there is always an instruction on how to carry out the hook.


Despite its small size, the handbag will also require accurate calculation. It will help to make a loop a small sample. A square cloth of small size is knitted to calculate how many loops, and how many rows contains 10 cm. Therefore, it is enough to collect not so many loops to make a square a little more than 10 cm.

Set of first crochet loops

Two numbers (the number of loops and rows) and will determine the density of knitting.

Crochet 1st Chain Set

Then simply recalculate by the standards of the proposed product and transfer the cm into loops and rows.

Crochet round bag step by step

To make it clearer, we will consider two models of such bags with schemes and a good phased description of the entire manufacturing process. The most convenient thing is that the finished model is also given.

Rows are calculated for each handbag and therefore it will be possible to tie this product even to beginners who are not yet ready to create their own schemes. Very simple and decent models that have good roominess.

Burgundy crochet bag in the shape of a circle

Appetizing model and rich color simply does not allow to refuse creation. Elegant clasps and a classic belt make it more feminine. Black leather strap and burgundy thread go well together.

To work, you will need:

  • burgundy ribbon yarn;
  • hook on the thickness of the thread;
  • clasp;
  • strap.

Front side

The front and back sides are similar and are two circles. But the last two rows according to the scheme are knitted without adding loops. Also, the rear model is distinguished by a small label for the smell.

According to the specified scheme, it is necessary to dial the loop of the ring and perform rows with additions. All you need to do 6 rows. Next, repeat the last 6 row 2 times. This must be done without additions and the result will be a small side wall of the bag.


For the back, make a circle similar to the front. But knit 14 stitches further into the tab. According to the following scheme:

  • fourteen;
  • 12;
  • 10;
  • 8;
  • 6;
  • 5.

In total, 6 rows of labels should be obtained.


Open the tab on the back side and sew the front circle to the back, it is better to use ribbon yarn to connect the parts. Leave a small slot for the bag in the place where the label is located. Then it remains only to fasten the clasp and strap for the handbag.

Crochet round bag

An interesting model of a handbag with smooth round sides will definitely appeal to a lady. For this product, the gray color of the ribbon yarn was used, but you can choose brighter shades for it. This chic product is complemented by a neat and thin chain of armored weaving.

To work, you will need:

  • gray ribbon yarn;
  • hook on the thickness of the ribbon yarn;
  • chain of armored weaving with clasps;
  • lock (magnetic).


Tie a small sample and see how many columns and rows are 10 cm. That is, we first determine the density of the knitting and then translate for the required size of the bag.

Side parts

The sides are completely identical in size and weaving pattern. They should be connected from the center to the periphery, taking into account the additions from the scheme. Connect two identical circles. About 11 rows were used to create one circle. You can do less, then the handbag will be very small. But you should not make too big circles. They will require an additional pad and frame base.

Cut Line Designation

In order to outline the cut line, it is necessary to divide each circle into two equal parts and draw a diameter. Mark the points and connect the two circles with the wrong sides to each other. Then take the hook and start knitting the fabric from one circle to another. From one point to another. Knit the fabric, and at the same time connect the circles to each other. Between the circles there should always be 3 single crochet. The connection will occur in the first and fifth column. Knit the distance between the marked points, and finish knitting.


Attach a magnetic lock to the product inside the circles exactly in the middle of the cutout, departing 1-1.5 cm from the edge. Next, fasten the chain to the fasteners in the middle of the cutout.

So the novelty is ready. But you can decorate at your discretion. It can be an interesting embroidery, or applique made of rhinestones. Something voluminous in the technique of ribbon embroidery.

Important! Such handbags can be made with a lining. For it, you can choose a plain fabric or with a bright print. For lining, you can additionally make a hidden pocket with a zipper. So the handbag will be more convenient for the hostess.

The lining itself is usually sewn ready-made and along the cut-out line of the bag. A big plus in it is that the product will retain its original shape for a long time.

Such handbags with chains and interesting metal locks look very elegant. For decoration, you can use, in addition to various types of embroideries, ordinary brooches that have been gathering dust in a cabinet for so long.

These are beautiful and very simple items made of ribbon yarn that can be made even if you are a beginner. Do with good tips and best of all.