Crochet ribbon yarn bags

Bags of knitted yarn appeared relatively recently. But they are so cute that it’s clear why they have become so popular.

You should not bother with the pattern of the canvas here, and you can even make very beautiful elements from the simplest one.

A lot of models of bags, clutches and volumetric knitted bags are made in such a simple pattern. Small elements of decor and they instantly turn into touching products.

This model, which just can not help falling in love. And, most likely, the master saw it for her inspiration to create one of these bags.

Yarn and hook

Ribbon yarn can also be different and there are a couple of bold solutions for the thickness of the fiber. There simply cannot be a stop in color. So many mouth-watering, bright, juicy and sophisticated colors.

The hook should be selected for such a yarn as rounded as possible so that it does not spoil the fiber and does not cling. It is better to try crafting with plastic models, they are very smooth.

Step-by-step instructions on how to crochet ribbon yarn bags

The following are the three most luxurious models that can be created using unusual ribbon yarn and a very comfortable hook.

With good layouts and a concise but simple and clear description, this should not be a problem. Therefore, we look at what beautiful models have prepared for masters and beginners next.

Spaghetti Strap Bag

This is not just a bag, but a real star among the products from ribbon yarn. Color is very suitable for such a product. It is even made with completely unusual stars.

The work will require:

  • gray ribbon yarn;
  • hook number;
  • special handle for a hammock bag;
  • monophonic cotton lining fabric.


For the product you will need to create the following measurements 20 * 5 * 15.


The bottom is also performed with an asterisk pattern. It is necessary to collect loops for 6 stars and perform one rapport with stars for the bottom.


For the sides, it is necessary to knit circular rows along the pattern of the canvas. Knit strictly in a circle around the bottom with asterisks. Knit 2.5 rapport in height. The last row is best done with straight single crochet to align the product.


Sew a rectangular lining and just sew it into the inside of the bag.

A pen

This handle usually contains special holes so that it can be securely fixed to any product. It is better to flash the same threads and into each hole, it will be more reliable and imperceptible.

On this model is ready. You can optionally, creating a lining, additionally make a secret pocket with a short zipper.

Bag with tassels and beads

Beautiful skirt with tassels and beads on metal mounts. This very stylish product will complement the office style. It turns out a restrained and fashionable model of a handbag.

The work will require:

  • brown ribbon yarn;
  • hook number 4;
  • beads;
  • metal mounts.


For size, use the following metrics. This model should be medium in size and therefore the following measurements will work: 30 * 20 * 10. It will be necessary to bind the sample in order to more accurately adjust the dimensions.


The bottom is best done in a similar pattern, but knit a square. For him, dial loops - 22. Then knit a row of 22 single crochet columns on the provided canvas pattern. Knit in an unchanged composition of only 12 rows.

Side part

The lateral part is integral and forms a small cylinder. This is circular knitting and therefore you will need to type columns along the entire edge of the square bottom. Knit in circular rows in its entirety according to the pattern without changing the number of columns. Knit 12 rows and then start shortened rows. To reduce, remove two columns in each new row. Knit 12 more rows.


For pens, dial with large beads, you can use a diameter of 10 mm long pens and fasten metal fasteners at the edges. You can attach all this beauty to the bag.


In order to decorate you do not have to buy something very expensive. You can decorate everything with the same ribbon yarn. Just make small brushes, and it is not necessary to make even ends. The slight negligence of such a product is only to the face of a beautiful model. The main thing is that the columns are smooth.


It is better to make this bag with a zipper and with a small lining. So the product will get a finished look. And so that the edges fit snugly, you can simply hem in the upper part, folding it with a small accordion.

At this fashionable novelty is ready and you can wear this stylish accessory and also very roomy.

Delicate bag with a ribbon bow

This delicate model is suitable for a date or a walk in the park. A very beautiful and delicate color complements a similar style. The top of perfection is such a delicate and very neat bow in the center of the handbag. The model is not so large, and the walls are very dense and therefore you can not create lining for this model.

The work will require:

  • soft pink ribbon yarn;
  • hook number 4.


A small bag, but will fit the most necessary items. Dimensions are: 20 * 7 * 15 cm. Tie a sample from the provided pattern and more accurately estimate how many loops will be needed in the product.


Done by two rappots of the main pattern. For the bottom, a width of 8 rapports was used.

Side parts

The bottom is very flat and elongated. For easy smoothing of the model, you will need to knit along the edge of the bottom along the main pattern. Knit in height about 5 - 5.5 rapports. Further, in order to tighten the product a little, it is better to perform two rows of simple connecting and very dense columns.


The model has two short handles. For them, use two rows of simple single crochet columns.


The main thing in this model is the cutest bow. Just tie it from a small ribbon and straighten it. It remains only to sew it to the product and everything on this work is completed. It’s so easy to make very tasty products for yourself and your loved ones.

We carry out the most fashionable bags the very first and we can brag to our friends.

Past such work is simply impossible to pass by. In any case, smooth loops and a great desire to complete another beautiful model of a fashionable handbag with a hook and ribbon yarn.