Crochet Pencil Skirt

One of the most amazing and multifaceted products among knitwear is a crocheted pencil skirt. Since the hook can create unthinkable weaves and at the same time, some fabric resembles the usual dense materials for a pencil skirt. Therefore, many masters love to crochet precisely these models. More feminine things like such a model can not be found.

What yarn is suitable for crocheting a skirt

The yarn for crochet skirt should be selected depending on the season. For a winter little thing, it's good to try something with the content of wool, merino, goat and many others. You should not pay attention to prickly species. The thread itself can be of completely different thicknesses.

Important! For the product to last for a long time, it is advisable to use a weak thread and a thread that is very elastic to add a little dense fiber, for example, iris or other pure cotton.

Summer model can be made with thinner threads. The very first place here definitely belongs to the thread of iris. This is that wonderful thread from which masters begin to learn how to knit napkins. Such a string creates very airy patterns in the hands of a competent master.

We crochet a pencil skirt for women: models with description and diagrams

Three models of skirts that a novice master will be able to associate according to schemes and a convenient description. A summer model with a shell that draws attention to its unusual lace. Especially for a beginner, the simplest scheme and no less charming product. And a very beautiful model for a cooler season.

Crochet skirt for beginners

A very simple single crochet pattern is complemented by original and very thin lines. After performing a simple product, no one will turn around to say that this thing was connected by a beginner.

To work, you will need:

  • pehora yarn thin fiber;
  • hook number 1.75.

Stage: measurements. For the product, you need to measure the waist circumference and measure the circumference of the hips. You must first tie the sample and calculate how many loops will be needed for the first set. For 46 sizes, 90 air loops and single crochets in a circle.

Stage: gum. Tie a 10 cm elastic band from top to bottom in circles of circles. Next, start adding one loop through a row. This is necessary so that the excessively stretched fiber around the circumference of the hips does not shine through. Knit with additions of 20 cm and begin to decrease again. Bring loops to the original set gradually. Knit to the knee line.

Stage: border. Run the border with a simple shell pattern. To collect 5 air loops, connecting columns at the edges and in the next row 11 columns with one yarn in these 5 loops. So knit around the edge.

Stage: stripes. To obtain elegant horizontal stripes, it is necessary to knit simple connecting loops on the fabric of the finished product. Try to make the stripes smoother. This is easily done if you knit strictly in one row.

The skirt is ready, and it does not look like a simple product at all, a beginner would not have come up with such a scheme if he did not know how simple it is.

Crochet Warm Skirt

A very dense and very thick skirt designed for autumn and spring. With tight tights, you can wear it in the winter. But it is advisable to knit in two threads.

To work, you will need:

  • blue yarn 600 gr;
  • hook number 3.

Stage: measurements. We measured the waist circumference and the circumference of the hips. Knitted for size 48.

Stage: belt. Neat columns from the diagram above are limited by a strip of a simple row of single crochet columns. This is a small imitation of a belt. It looks great when knitting does not cause difficulties. For the initial set of the model you need to dial 40 rapports. Knit in a circle and according to the proposed pattern exactly 10 rows. Next, select the element next to the single crochet columns.

Stage: base. Again, go to the main pattern of the canvas and gradually make increases. In each second row add one rapport. Make 4 increases and begin to decrease. Reduce symmetrically to the additions. As soon as the initial number of rapports (80) is obtained in the circle, stop the decrease and knit to the knee line. You can make the product a little shorter than the knee line.

The skirt is ready and you can try on the beauty.

Crochet openwork pencil skirt

This charming shell, it is so popular among crochet patterns. But the masters do not cease to admire it and create new models with its use. Only the color and style changes and the shell is already playing differently.

To work, you will need:

  • thread iris gray-green color;
  • hook 0.85.

Stage: measurements. The product is designed for size 44. Therefore, it has a width of 20 rapports. Knit without decreases and additions. Here the tension will not be scary, since the model already has decent holes that require an additional petticoat. The petticoat will complement the white color very well, but it should be made two times shorter than the product itself. This will add piquancy to the model.

Stage: base. Knit to the knee line and you can knit a couple more see the product does not require any strapping. Also, do not be afraid for the long life of this skirt. Iris practically does not stretch over time, so such a pencil skirt will last more than one season.

Features crochet skirts

The crochet pencil skirt is very tight. Only the petticoat will not interfere with such a model, since washing is so unpredictable, and if the petticoat is sewn in, the thread will sit less. It will protect against stretch marks and give very comfortable conditions when worn. Summer models are knitted with the use of dense and thin cotton threads and do not need additional reinforcement. But winter ones have a more elastic thread and therefore it is better to insure your work and add at least a thin thread of iris. These are the secrets from the master of knitting skirts. Crochet let it be not only a pleasure, but also a pleasant expectation of a beautiful new thing.