Crochet openwork skirt (patterns)

A truly feminine model is an openwork skirt . A hook can make such interesting patterns that you won’t immediately believe in their reality. But you can do it yourself.

Openwork, of course, is a line of complex patterns for a beginner. But such beautiful results are definitely worth this skill. Therefore, we study carefully presented models and choose the most suitable model for ourselves and loved ones.

Yarn and hook

Openwork on fine fiber looks good, so skirts for the summer season will be a numerical advantage . You can work with thicker threads, but the pattern will not be so elegant. In this case, the ombre will help out - this will distract attention from the loops and will focus on the color itself.

The hook must be selected according to the thickness of the thread. There are many rules for choosing the right hook, but it is important to follow the manufacturer’s advice on the tool offered. For each yarn, there is a description on the label that shows the knitting needles and hook number that are ideal for the job.


As soon as you choose a model, you need to practice knitting the main pattern . Two things can be done at once - this is training and density calculation.

Set of first crochet loops

Knit several rapports of the main pattern and count how many basic elements are contained in 10 cm and how many rows of the pattern are there. Further, it will be easy to translate everything into the size of the pattern.

Crochet First Chain Set


Depending on the model of the skirt, the pattern can be very diverse. This pattern, as an indivisible circle, it is often called the sun. A fluffy skirt the sun will suit a slender woman, girl or girl.

If this is a straight skirt, then the pattern is more like a square and a rectangle. The construction of the pattern is very important, the whole product is better perceived . It is better to pre-on a small piece of paper, as a plan to sketch a pattern. Sign the dimensions of the sides and arrange the number of rows and loops next to each other, which are calculated according to the density of the pattern.

Blue fishnet knee-length skirt with mesh

Very beautiful and delicate model. But the disadvantage of this pattern is that it is necessary to use a petticoat to it. The pattern has a huge grid and a charming pattern of large shells, which are also very airy and light.

To work, you will need:

  • several skeins of thin cotton yarn of blue color;
  • hook number 0.95.


Take measurements from the model. To do this, measure the waist circumference and the circumference of the hips. Take the average size of these indicators. This pattern stretches well, so the model will fit well.


For size 46, you need 9 rapports in width. Knitting starts with a regular chain of air loops. Scale the loops in size and do a full rapport in height. The second rapport in height is tied unchanged.


In order for the skirt to have good flounces around the edge, it is necessary to make good additions before performing the third row of rapport. It is necessary to make sure that at the place of one, two rapports of the pattern immediately appear in the main circuit. It is not difficult to do this with a hook, it is just necessary to knit each subsequent element with a lag on the loop.

Important! In one loop of the previous row, do two elements and this will result in an adequate and good addition.


This wonderful skirt will not require any strapping. But she would not refuse an elegant belt. You can simply insert a satin ribbon with a width of 0.5 cm on top of the product into the holes. You can tie a long chain of air loops.

The work is ready and the skirt is waiting for the first fitting.

Skirt with a bow

This straight skirt, in addition to a chic pattern, is complemented by a simply stunning fabric bow . This is a piece that is taken from the fabric on the petticoat of the product.

To work, you will need:

  • beige yarn;
  • hook number 0.95.


We measured the waist circumference and added 5 cm. This will be the constant width of this skirt. Here you do not need to either add loops or decrease. Since the product is made on the pattern of the cylinder.

First row

Scored the required number of air loops. A size 44 model will require 14 rapports of the main pattern. It’s better to prelink the sample and recalculate how many loops and rapports you need for your model, even if you have the same size 44. Knitting this model is from top to bottom. The first row of rapport completed.


We measured the necessary length at the stage of constructing the pattern and calculating the loops and knit as many rapports as the length of the product would require. In this model, only 6 rapports in height are created. No strapping for such a thing is required. She is completely ready. It remains only to sew to the belt of fabric and fasten the bow.

Bright and short skirt with round motifs

This is just a bomb for a teenager. Bright pattern with mesh and round motif. Knitting it is a pleasure. Since in fact there is nothing complicated. It is necessary to knit several round motifs (connect them together in a line). Next, knit the base with a sirloin net, which is also not difficult. It remains only to sew and no strapping that seems to be required. How to do this, read more below.

To work, you will need:

  • pure cotton pink yarn;
  • hook number 0.95.


The motive is carried out according to the provided scheme and there is nothing complicated in it. This is a mesh of air loops and circles of only single crochet posts . But there is still an unusual handwriting here - this is an interesting strapping of a flower. It turns out something very reminiscent of a border with a shell. And such a shell will be very useful for a skirt.

The basis

The basis of such a wonderful skirt is fillet net . But this is not just a rectangular canvas. For a small shuttlecock on the bottom of the product, it is necessary to make additions every 10 rows of the grid, add one square every 10 squares.


First, you need to sew together the motives in one line. Next, wrap the edge and sew so that it seems that over each motive lies a strapping. The same line should be on the bottom of the skirt. But here you will need to specifically tie it up as it was done in the last row of the motive.

The new thing is ready and you can try on it and wear it with a wide strap and a denim (or denim shirt) . Very appetizing thing turned out.

Flared long skirt

A feminine model of a skirt on the floor always pleases women. Here you can demonstrate all your female beauty. Such a cut is often used to create a festive ball gown. And why not make a beautiful thing of a similar cut for everyday life. The main thing is to connect it with basic things and add the necessary accessories.

To work, you will need:

  • thin cotton yarn;
  • hook number 0.95.


Measure the circumference of the hips and the length of the product from the waist line to the feet . Tie a small sample according to the provided scheme and calculate the density of the required number of rapports and rows to perform the update.


This model provides a belt and therefore, along the waist line, knit 6 rows of columns with one crochet and additionally make 6 strips of 10 columns with one crochet. At the assembly stage, they can be sewn and a real belt can easily be inserted and worn.


Start with the appropriate number of rapports from the proposed scheme. By size 46, you need 12 rapports in width. Knitting runs in a circle and from top to bottom. Knit one rapport in height and go to the second and immediately make additions to get 18 rapports in a row. Next 24 wide. The last row will be 26 rapports. And it will turn out a very magnificent skirt below.


For the original filing, it is still necessary to make a beautiful strapping in place of each last row of the pattern repeat. The harness is a shell.


At the assembly stage, you only need to sew on the tags in order to thread the belt and wear a skirt with a belt.

So the beautiful thing is ready. It is better to wear it with a hem in the color of the belt. So the product will harmoniously fit into the image. Complement with a T-shirt or blouse.

Such original products are presented by craftsmen today. Crochet interesting and comfortable skirts and maybe tomorrow someone will decide to knit something for your model.