Crochet leggings

Girls always love beautiful things, and from childhood they are ready to create a beautiful image for themselves. Young fashionistas can often better choose a skirt for a blouse, and make very bright and interesting combinations. But small accessories and parts that can change the whole image with their presence are just a find for them. This article is about leggings and how you can make such luxurious models with your own hands. They will delight both the adult and the child.

What are leggings?

Leg warmers are just a unique thing . And not only children love beautiful leggings. Most adults consider them an indispensable thing in the wardrobe. In fact, these are ordinary knitted socks without a heel . The time of year is practically irrelevant to them.

You can create both winter models with several warm threads, as well as more airy and summer ones with large nets and shells. Further, some beautiful models for the girl, and a step-by-step description for beginners.

What yarn is suitable for crocheting leg warmers?

The choice of yarn depends only on the season for which the model will be designed. It may not be such a warm grass (for a warm spring day). And for winter - very thick wool or soft merino wool .

Pechora yarn

Even iris is often used to create unfinished socks. A combination of types of yarn looks very beautiful.

Thread iris

The base can be done with a pehorka, but let the lace run along the edge and along one side. You will get a cute product that can be easily worn with a skirt and sneakers. In this kit, leggings will become the link between sports shoes and a skirt.

Crochet leggings

Cute and warm models are created for the child’s tender legs. In them, the image will become prettier and the legs will be warmer. But summer models can easily protect your knees from abrasion in the fall. The following is a model for a girl with diagrams and a step-by-step guide. Decoration plays a significant role, and in the implementation of leggings and this can easily be seen when viewing the selected models.

Crochet pink leggings

Bright and juicy models for an elegant look. They will cheer up the parents and the child. This peerless product will be adorned with a cute white thread flower. The master will spend a couple of hours on these products, but these will be the most magical parts, since the yarn is very delicate and the patterns are simple.

To work, you will need:

  • crumb yarn of medium thickness (with acrylic);
  • hook on the thickness of the thread.


Without measurements, even a simple scarf cannot be knitted, and for such unfinished socks, you will need to make small measurements. Measure the circumference above the knee, the circumference of the ankles and the desired length of the product (make an addition to the beautiful folds from 10 cm).

Gum pattern


Use the main circuit of the product and make a small square. Next, using a small ruler, measure how many columns were 10 cm in a row, and also measure how many such rows turned out to be 10 cm. Calculate how many columns will be needed for a set of loops.

The basis

Knitting will take place in a circle, it is necessary to make a ring of 40 air loops (for the size of a leg with a circumference above the knee of 20 cm). Make an elastic band according to the pattern for a gum of pink leggings of 5 cm. Then it will switch to a pattern for the entire base, and knit the required length. Next, also perform an elastic band of about 5 cm. Here is the basis of the model.

Outline scheme


For a flower, you need to knit a ring of pink yarn first, and then make beautiful and neat petals from white crocheted columns from white. It is necessary for a lush flower to make two such schemes at once, and combine them in the center. It is better to sew immediately so that there is no displacement.

Flower outline


For leaves, use light green yarn and a crochet pattern. Knit the required size, and you can not use all the rows from the proposed scheme, but make small charming leaves.

Leaf layout


Sew on a flower and two leaves. It is better to start sewing with leaves, so that the flower petals overlap on top of the leaves themselves.

Run the second one using the same technology and you can start trying on.

Leg warmers with crochet tassels

Cute owl leggings with beautiful tassels. Easy to execute, but so beautiful. The model contains several schemes. These are the basics, the beak, and the eye. Elastic band for the model can be made with knitting needles, but you can also create it with a hook. In any case, it will be elastic, but it will still not be inferior in hook to the base canvas.

To work, use:

  • pechorka yarn of different colors;
  • hook on the thickness of the thread.


Gum Scheme 1

Measure the foot of the future hostess of the product above the knee line (circumference) and along the ankle line. Also measure the length between these lines. Next, make an increase in the small folds of the leg warmers in length.


To connect a small canvas according to the scheme with crossed columns. It is necessary to determine the density of knitting. You need to measure two indicators. The first is the number of loops per 1 cm in one row. The second is the number of rows of 10 cm. Then, according to the measured density, it will be easy to draw up an approximate plan of the product. How much is needed on the top and bottom of the gum, as well as how much approximately rows will be spent on the finished product.

The basis

To base on the calculated circumference, you need to tie an elastic band about 5 cm wide. Next, make the transition to the scheme of crossed columns with one crochet.

Important! It is very important to evaluate at the time you start knitting gum whether the number of loops is suitable for rapports according to the main pattern of leggings.


Knit the desired length of leggings on the main pattern, and again change to elastic. Also knit 5 cm elastic according to the prepared pattern.

The base is ready and you can proceed to the manufacture of jewelry for the model.


For decoration, you need to perform according to the given pattern of the eye. They fit in the pattern of circles from columns with one crochet in a circle.


In circles from columns with one yarn, make eyes from white yarn. Sew a black button in the center of each eye.

Eye pattern


Use a triangle outline for the nose. It is also made using rows of single crochet posts. Perform a spout with yellow yarn.

Owl nose outline

To complete the ears, it is necessary to cut several multi-colored threads twice as long as necessary according to the model.


Sew eyes to the finished work. Then, between the eyes sew on the nose of an owl. It is very important to slightly point the corners of the nose down, so it will turn out a little rounded. In order to attach the brushes, it is necessary to make a loop (bending all the strings in half). Then bring to the leggings and through the loop and a few loops from the right place the base to stretch all the threads. This will make a small knot. Just tighten it tight. For a brush it is better to use multi-colored threads.

Wash and place the finished product for drying on a flat surface . Straighten the hinges before drying, then after complete drying can be worn.

Women's crochet leg warmers

A cute model of female leggings with unusual bright buttons. A beautiful edge from the border with shells. Nothing extra in this model. But how beautiful they look together with high heels.

To work, use:

  • high acrylic yarn;
  • hook on the thickness of the thread;
  • buttons.


Measure the circumference of the lower leg just below the knee. From this line, measure the length of the product, and make an increase of 3 cm.


On the pattern of columns with one yarn, knit a fabric, and measure the density of knitting to it. To do this, you just need to determine how many columns will be 10 cm, and how many rows will be 10 cm. Then translate the measurements into columns and start the product.



Knitting occurs across . Therefore, a set of loops count on the length of the product, not the circle. Knit immediately with a cloth of columns with one crochet the first row. Knit without adding to the required width of the product.


For the border, use a simple shell, which is so complement the columns with a single crochet. Knit according to the pattern and tie only one end.

Sew buttons to the opposite side.

Important! This fabric does not require knitting special holes for buttons, since there is enough distance between the columns to pass a button through it (but only a small size).

Beautiful leggings for your child can be done according to the most beautiful patterns and not spend a lot of time on them.

A child from such a product will definitely be delighted. Therefore, we hasten to please our baby and make the newest and most fashionable products for him with his own hands.