Crochet: how to wear trendy lace in 2019

In the spring-summer 2019 season, lace, nets and perforated fabrics dominate. Fashion designers are not only inspired by fishing nets and "grandmother" knitted napkins. They also remembered the ancient lace techniques, using them in their collections. Fashion lawmakers have been able to demonstrate the possibility of modern production and show that lace clothing is still relevant today. Let's talk about the most popular lace today - crochet.

What is crochet

Crochet lace is a special crochet technique, the characteristic feature of which is the presence of multiple holes . Simply put, things in the style of knitted hand made are now in fashion.

Reference! The word "crochet" in French means "little hook". Therefore, crocheted things are considered to be handmade things and having a pattern of many small holes.

Any girl who knows even the simplest crochet technique can design a dress to look stylish and in accordance with fashion.

You can not bother with self-made dresses and pay attention to famous brands. Their collections feature a huge selection of things made using the crochet technique.

Products made in this technique differ from other fishnet items in the following features:

  • they are light and almost weightless ;
  • subtle and elegant, creating a unique feminine image;
  • easy to perform if the girl is going to make herself an outfit.

Important! Crochet can be performed in various styles, it all depends on the skills or preferences of the lady. In the collections of fashion houses there are also things of various subjects, but made exclusively by hand.

How designers use crochet

The crochet technique is widely used in the spring - summer 2019 season. In the collections of fashion designers you can find dresses, trousers, wraps and various accessories made in this style. These things were especially vividly presented at London and New York Fashion Week.

Important! Wardrobe items, made by hand or stylized as home-made products, look very impressive and textured.

Things in the crochet technique can be easily created independently, taking into account all the taste preferences and trends of modern fashion. If knitting is not given at all, it is just as easy to order a thing from the craftswomen. It is enough to search in social networks for thematic groups and after a while get your trendy thing.

Important! Products using the crochet technique should create an emphasis on the selected bow, but not overshadow it. This aspect is important to consider when choosing a dress.

In most collections, crochets are presented with fishnet dresses with large holes, like a fishing net. This is a real trend, which this season is at the peak of popularity.

However, for romantic persons, they came up with a more feminine and gentle image. Dresses from the "grandmother's squares" with delicate handmade flowers, although they look too frank, still create a romantic look in the style of boho-chic.

How to wear crochet clothes

It should be understood that a product connected in such a technique looks quite frankly if used as an independent wardrobe item.

Important! Under the dress, you must definitely wear a shirt or top with closed panties. So the girl will look quite acceptable for reaching people.

Such dresses are good for a beach holiday . Having picked up a contrasting swimsuit for a white handmade dress, for example, in purple or turquoise, as well as choosing wedge shoes in the color of a bathing suit, the girl will look amazing and attractive.

A crochet blouse or top will complement summer white shorts or a short skirt, as well as a boho style maxi skirt. This is a great addition to the summer look . It looks gentle and airy, creating a unique feminine image.

In general, crochet is a great opportunity to emphasize your own originality and attractiveness . The girl will not go unnoticed: everyone around will pay attention to an unusual handmade outfit.