Crochet hat for newborn

A newborn baby needs special care and protection. And he just needs warm clothes. A warm hat will help protect your baby’s tender ears. It can be purchased at the store or knitted yourself using a hook or knitting needles. At the same time, the hook product will not only protect the child from the cold, but also decorate it.

Knitting materials and tools

To work, the first thing you need to do is prepare the materials and tools, as well as select the appropriate model. The following criteria may affect your choice.

  • Seasonality What weather is this thing for: winter or summer.
  • The complexity of the execution . Beginning needlewomen better choose simple models.
  • Product Size For calculations, you need to measure the girth of the head and calculate the depth of the headgear. It is half the distance from ear to ear, through the back of the head . This data can also be taken from the table.

  • The presence of decorative elements . With their help, a hat can be turned into a real masterpiece.

What yarn to choose for a newborn

Babies have very sensitive skin. Therefore, you need to carefully select the material for their headgear. In this case, it is better to give preference to natural fibers.

For warm weather, use linen, cotton or silk. For the cold season, alpaca, wool or angora are more suitable.

Important! Manufacturers produce special soft and hypoallergenic fibers for infants and young children. Such yarn has the indication baby or for baby .

Given that the fabric will be made using a hook, you should choose non-thick yarn.

The most suitable thread will be fiber with indicators of 400 m \ 100 g.

Which hook is suitable for knitting

A knitting tool also needs to be selected very carefully. In this case, the choice is based on two criteria: size and material.

The size is selected according to the thickness of the thread . Often, manufacturers indicate this value on a skein. If there is no such information, you can do differently. It is necessary to fold the thread in half and compare its thickness with the thickness of the head.

The material from which the hook is made, each craftswoman selects individually. By this parameter, you can select the following hooks:

  • bone;
  • plastic;
  • wooden;
  • metal.

The strongest is a tool made of metal, but it is chosen based on personal preferences.

Important! The metal hook must be sanded with a soft cloth before use. This action will relieve the raid that forms over time.

How to crochet a hat for a newborn

The first step in creating a heading is to build a pattern drawing . You can make it yourself or use the adjusted basic pattern.

Sample base pattern

Next, you need to tie a sample of the pattern, conduct its wet-heat treatment and calculate the knitting.

Attention! During the workflow, apply knitting more often to the pattern. This will allow you to correct the erroneous calculation in time or make the necessary changes and avoid bandaging the part.

Now let's look at this process with the example of a pretty hat.

Hat with ruffles for babies

Work description

  • Dial chain c. p. and tie a rectangular cloth CCH.
  • Fold the blank in half and measure 4.5 cm from the center in both directions.
  • Tie CCH back, performing the necessary additions and decreases.
  • Using the RLS, connect the main and rear parts.


Then we finish the product with ruffles. To do this, you can use the following schemes.

Knitting pattern

The last are made small ties.

Openwork model

The cap can also be knitted with a single pattern.

This method is most often used for the manufacture of the summer version. It fits in the same pattern as the previous sample. You can also use the method specified in the picture below as a basis.

As a main pattern, you can use other openwork patterns. For ties, it is better to use a satin ribbon. You can also apply another fixation option. For example, sew a small button.

Useful Tips

In conclusion, we offer several recommendations that will help facilitate the work and contribute to achieving the best result.

  • In order to dry the finished thing after the WTO, pull it on an inverted jar of a suitable volume. So the item will not lose shape.
  • To prevent the hook from slipping in your hand, wrap it around the blunt tip with several turns of adhesive tape.
  • The yarn during the knitting process will not twist and get confused if you rewind it in a ball before use.
  • You can decorate the finished product with the help of applique, artificial flowers and satin bows. The only rule: there should not be much decor.

Equal to you loops and successful creativity!