Crochet hat for boy

Crocheting a hat is not so difficult. The presented models will help to verify this.

Very quickly and simply you can do warm things for your child. And not only warm, but also beautiful and fashionable.

As for the decoration, emblems and small pompons can be used for the boy's cap.

We select the best model from the presented ones and make a cool model for our boy in just one evening.

Selection of soft yarn and hook

It is easier to choose yarn for a product for an adult in that you do not need to take into account some features. For example, when choosing yarn for children, be sure to look at softness. How nice this fiber is to the body.

Pure cotton immediately to the side, they do not warm and are not so soft. Also, the yarn should be absolutely hypoallergenic in this case.

You should not risk it even if the child did not have an allergic reaction. Of course, the thread should warm and not prick. So many criteria and all of them are taken into account in the line of special children's yarn. Additionally, you can consult with the seller.

The hook will be easier to choose. He just has to go up to the thread itself. And all the subtleties regarding the model are already to the taste of the master.


Before creating a hat for a boy, you will need to knit a square according to the selected pattern. Using it, determine the density of the knitting, how many loops, and how many rows it has 10 cm.

Set of first crochet loops

The result will be only two numbers, and it will be they who will later help to calculate how many loops will be around the cap circumference, and how many rows will need to be knitted in height.

Crochet 1st Chain Set

How to crochet a hat for a boy?

A master and a novice can tie a hat to a boy. Just follow the instructions. First choose yarn and hook. Then bind the sample, and determine the density of the mating.

Measure head circumference and depth for the cap. The circumference is along the line of the forehead. And the depth is from the lobe of one ear to the lobe of the other ear (divide the resulting number into two and make appropriate allowances).

Premiums for depth will always depend on the model of the hat. Two models are presented below and markups for the depth of the product are marked in them. We will analyze the detailed schemes with the description of hats for the boy for the winter.

Warm winter hat without ears

Very bright and fashionable hat for a boy. As a decoration, you can use a pompom. Children also love things with cartoon appliqu├ęs. The time to complete the work is from 3 hours. If desired, this new product can be made in just one evening, even for a beginner.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn of different colors;
  • a hook according to the size of the thread (for a baby pechora it is better than 3).


Take measurements from the baby. For the circle, nothing needs to be added or reduced, since the cap will take 1-1.5 cm due to two-sided technology. For depth, you should first multiply the resulting figure by 2, since the product is two-sided. And make an increase of 5 cm, so that it covers the ears well and protrudes a little on the top of the head.


Knit a small square according to the pattern of the canvas and calculate the density of the knit. To do this, simply put a ruler, and calculate how many loops are in 10 cm, and how many rows there are. Then, compare everything with the received measurements and you can start the product.


The hat begins with the crown and therefore begins knitting with the circle pattern. The additions should be made before the circumference is 3 cm less than the measurement for the boy. Next, knit to the desired height. Leave room for the second crown as long as the first crown. After the cylinder, knit the pattern in the reverse order (instead of adding make reductions).


Pick up a pompom from multi-colored yarn. The length of the thread should be about 8 cm. After tying the threads in the center, you can gently cut the threads on the pompom for an even product.


This winter model from the side does not resemble a double cap. All this because of the trim around the edge. To do this, it is necessary to straighten the cap so that the two bottoms touch and make two rows of contrast yarn on the bent edge.

Important! It is better to make the crochet a smaller size, this will make the hat denser in elastic.

It remains only to sew the pompom and the product is ready.

Crocheted warm hat with ears

Charming model hats for a boy in high columns with one crochet.

To work, you will need:

  • warm yarn in two colors;
  • hook to size of yarn;
  • Buttons for decoration.


It is necessary to measure the head circumference using cm tape. There is no need to add or decrease anything, since it is better to sew such a hat an additional fleece lining. The second mark will be the depth. For her, no increase is required. And here one more size here will be the ears of the caps themselves. Measure from the lobe to the required length down.


Tie a square along the pattern of the canvas and calculate the density of knitting for it. Then transfer the measurements from cm to loops and rows, and the product can be completed.


Knitting of the crown occurs according to the scheme from the center to the periphery. Make columns with one crochet and in each row of application. Stop adding 4 cm to the measurement of the circle. Since without additions, the scheme will still have several rows with an extension.

The basis

Knit rows of single crochet to the desired depth . In addition, from the line of ears and on the back of the cap, knit two rows. So that the neck is well covered with a hat.


Mark the places for the ears. Knitting goes from the elastic of the cap down. For width, take single crochet posts. Bind the rows and start the decrease according to the following scheme: 14-12-10-8-6-6-6-5.


Run with contrasting thread tying with simple columns without a crochet. Continue with a square canvas on the front side in the forehead for bending. Continue with single crochet for 11 rows and in the latter, do smoothing, closing the extreme loops.

It is advisable to make the lining of a soft and warm fabric and the fleece will perfectly cope with this. Make a small cap of fleece and sew it into a finished knitted product.

On this model is ready and you can decorate it with beautiful buttons.

These cute hats can be made with a hook in just one evening at home.