Crochet godet skirt with patterns

Skirt Godet is a product for those who like pencil skirts and magnificent flounces. Since it is these combinations that distinguish this model. It turns out very charming, you can easily make this product with a hook.

And further useful tips and some beautiful skirts a year. For each there is a convenient scheme and a detailed description for one size.

Yarn and Hook Selection

Skirts a year can be summer and winter. Therefore, thin and woolless fiber is for summer. But the winter can be found with warmer yarn with a high content of wool.

For some models, you can apply beautiful prickly varieties, as they have a special petticoat.

Hook for yarn in size, but with the model you can play a little with the master himself. This will already track personal preferences.


A small square from the familiar motive of the model will not hurt. To count the loops, you just can not do without such an easy way to know in advance the length and width of the product. You just need to tie a piece, and calculate the density.

Set of first crochet loops

Density is the content of loops of 10 cm. Then transfer to a set of loops. Next, you can start creating your favorite model.

Crochet skirts

Next, two models of skirts a year, which are crocheted. Very cute and great for casual wardrobe and shopping.

Crochet godet skirt

A very cute and comfortable skirt model is made with a mesh pattern . For such a novelty, you need a petticoat and it is better to use it in the same light palette.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn cotton thick beige fiber;
  • hook number 3.


For a skirt, you need to measure the waist circumference and the length of the product . In the length of the product, it is better to mark where the shuttle will begin.


We tied a small square to the grid and calculated how many loops are 10 cm. We determined the density and calculated how many rapports would be needed to create a circle around the waist.

The basis

The whole model is knitted in circular rows from the waist line down . For size 44, you need 20 rapports. Knit from the waistline unchanged for 24 rows.


To start the shuttle, you need to make good additions. It is necessary to add 20 rows in each row. One at a rapport. Knit a shuttlecock for a length of 10 rows. All sizes must be adjusted in size.


As a fashionable decoration of the model, you can use small ties for the belt . Simply thread along the top row between the loops in random order and tie a neat knot in front of the product. It is imperative to use a petticoat for the model, as the pattern is very transparent.

The model is completely ready and you can try it on and appreciate all the charms of a year's skirt.

Skirt year brown for summer

Cute skirt for summer time. Beautiful and very thin lace look just perfect in a dark brown color. They seem even thinner in the dark version.

To work, you will need:

  • iris yarn (or the same thin cotton fiber without wool);
  • hook number 0.85.


Take two measurements to create the product . The first dimension is the waist circumference. The second is the length of the skirt to the shuttlecock. Using a sample, calculate the density and match the loops to size.

Set and base

For a skirt of size 46, 44 rapports of the mesh pattern will be required. Start knitting from the waistline and follow in circular rows to the shuttlecock of the one-year skirt. For 46 sizes, knit 65 rapports.


A beautiful openwork pineapple pattern is used as a shuttlecock .

Very thin and graceful lace so nicely form a crease along the bottom of the hem.


The decoration here and not only will be a tie along the waistline. Very convenient, beautiful and elegant, it complements the product. It is better to use the same cotton thread woven into a spikelet for tying.

So, another beautiful product is ready with the help of beautiful yarn and a hook. Wear preferably with a petticoat.

Such lovely and very feminine models can be made with your own hands only with the help of a hook and yarn.

These options do not require almost any decor, because they themselves are the embodiment of something unusual. Therefore, we collect the will into a fist and just do a new thing.