Crochet doll skirt

The one who constantly knits things for himself, children and relatives, in any case, will remain yarn. No need to store it. It’s better to immediately connect something interesting for your girl’s doll. For example, a skirt with a hook. It is both quick and easy. Next, several models for dolls, for the dolls of skirts, which the novice master will also cope with.

Petticoat skirt

Girls love to play mother daughters. The more interesting the doll, the more attention to it. Now there are so many different dolls. But girls really like those that are very similar to a real child. With interesting wrinkled cheeks and lush handles. Very beautiful models are just for such beautiful toys.

To work, you will need:

  • blue and white yarn;
  • hook 0.85.

Stage: measurements. Take measurements along the waistline and then tie the sample using the provided pattern. Tie and be sure to estimate how much the density of knitting will be. This is a very important indicator for any knitted product. Since it is he who shows how many loops and how many rapports it is worth using in this product.

Stage: gum. The elastic for such a skirt is made using white yarn. For her, it will be necessary to walk in two rows of embossed columns. To do this, knit through one embossed stitch with one crochet and simple stitches with one crochet.

Stage: grid. This grid is so popular for creating skirts that it is found in every 3 models. Unique in this case is its special strapping. The pattern itself is made in blue, and white was used to contrast the strapping. In the harness simple connecting posts are used. A very thin and neat line in the end is obtained. Only 6 rapports of blue and one white were used in the skirt.

How to Knit a Fluffy Skirt for a Baby Bon Doll

A fluffy skirt in a shell pattern looks very nice on baby bon dolls. Therefore, we select pieces of yarn to match and try to knit this product.

It’s useful in work:

  • blue yarn;
  • white yarn;
  • hook number 2.

Stage: measurements. Measure the waist circumference of the toy and you can start.

Stage: gum. It is important to tie the elastic with embossed columns, which will tighten the skirt well.

Stage: lace. Lace to perform with increasing rapports for each new tier. Increase by 1 rapport. Knit in the middle of the overlying lace.

In total, according to the scheme, you need to knit 4 stripes of such lace.

Lacy doll skirt

For a large doll, it is fashionable to use a larger pattern. For example, pineapple pattern. It is very popular for dresses, skirts and other things.

In work it is necessary:

  • pechorka yarn;
  • hook number 2.

Stage: measurements. Measure the circumference of the pupal waist and dial the required number of loops. Next, perform the first row immediately according to the scheme. These are single crochet posts. Repeat it for the gum 4 times.

Stage: pattern. You can continue knitting according to the scheme below. For the skirt, two rapports of the pattern in length are enough. But for width use depending on the measurement of the belt.

Barbie Doll Skirt

Barbie models are very popular among girls' toys. After all, they look so much like real adult ladies. Such a doll needs to go to the store more often for a new thing. Now, for her, a skirt is planned. We offer a description of knitting skirts for Barbie dolls.

Crochet pattern of a long skirt

The skirt for Barbie is long with two patterns.

The work will require:

  • pechorka yarn;
  • hook number 2.

Stage: measurements. Measure the circumference of the waist and you can start knitting with crochets. Knit easier in a circle. Knit 16 rows in columns and go to the second pattern.

Stage: grid. The second pattern for the little thing is the grid. The most common grid with a hook. It is made with air loops and connecting loops. Make additions first in every third 6 rapports, then in each row the same number of rapports.

Fluffy skirt for Barbie dolls

A very nice model for a real lady, in her a doll will be able to go to a disco or a fun holiday.

The work will require:

  • pink yarn;
  • tulle of medium hardness;
  • hook number 2.

Stage: measurements. Measure the waist circumference and dial the chain and the first row with single crochet columns exactly at the waist. This pattern stretches well and therefore only back to back.

Stage: additions. Divide the entire model in a circle into 7 parts and now add 7 points in each row. So you get a smooth wave. Knit only 12 rows and the skirt is ready.

Stage: lining. For padding use tulle. It is necessary to cut a rectangle, which in length will be slightly longer than the length of the skirt. Approximately 1–2 cm. Then tighten with elastic thread. Along the top edge and make one side seam. Sew to the inside of the skirt, just below the waist.

You can make a separate petticoat. In this case, the girl will be able to wear it on top of the knitted part. But you will need to insert a real gum into tulle. It is more difficult to do this, first tuck the edge of the part (for it you need to additionally measure 1 cm) and sew on a hidden seam. Next, insert an elastic band, but you can not wide, but the same elastic thread. Similarly, make a side seam.

The model is ready and the girl will really like it.

Features of knitting clothes for dolls

The peculiarity or even the difficulty of making a skirt for a doll consists in a certain size. If you take into account the Barbie doll, then these are very small products. Often such tiny things take a lot of time. It is necessary to stitch it carefully, as the smaller the part, the more painstaking work is scheduled . It is very difficult to carry out models, and because of the fact that I want everything to look natural. As it really is, in the life of an adult lady. But it is not always possible to find a pattern with a fine pattern. Since it is the pattern that most often gives out the Barbie doll. In things of an adult, there are not always such huge prints or patterns that are on Barbie things. Take the usual pineapple pattern: you can knit a whole skirt from it. More precisely, one rappport can create an entire product. Therefore, it will not look so neat. Something finer, like a grid. Such patterns should be chosen carefully.

Knit skirts for a little baby in almost the same way as for a completely small child. This may not be as small as for a barbie, but it’s also necessary to try.

It is very important to decorate such unusual things. With this, too, many questions arise. It is good to use beads, but not for every child it can be used. Embroidery and her own preferences. It should be such miniature drawings that it is difficult to imagine a beginner in the creation of this pattern. There are a lot of subtleties, but throwing yarn out is definitely not worth it. Any glomerulus a real master will put into action.