Crochet doll bag

Even when knitting from iris, a small piece may remain. Where to use such small pieces of yarn - for dolls.

This is a very correct decision, not to throw away the remnants of yarn, but to knit something very beautiful for a small chrysalis.

Very stylish doll accessories, any girl will be happy. There are also handbags for which you especially go and buy yarn, and you will not wait for a piece to remain from something, they are so good.

Yarn and hook

Any yarn is suitable for the bag of your favorite doll. But any of those that are allowed to children. Since it is the child who will deal with such a luxurious handbag.

The hook is even easier to choose, it just has to fit the size of the thread.

For such a miniature accessory, you can not make a sample.

How to tie a bag for a doll?

You can knit a doll bag in a few minutes. Since the product is small and for some models it will take only a couple of rows and the product is ready.

The most attractive handbags that only exist today are presented below and for each of these models there is a schematic. A fairly clear and simple description also accompanies. Without unnecessary complicated terminology, such a girl will cope with such bags.

Charming bag with columns with beads and a bow

Very nice bag. She can be knitted for her mother, and not for the doll. But now about the smaller model.

The work will require:

  • blue iris yarn;
  • beads;
  • thread for beads;
  • needle for beads;
  • the most satin ribbon;
  • hook for iris.


For the bottom of the bag use the above bottom scheme. Further in the last circle, simply knit rows without additions and without decreases.

Side wall

For the side wall, 25 rows should be used. In order to insert the tape, connect the last row with columns with one crochet.

Bag bottom 1


Knit handles separately. You can immediately start knitting from the corresponding side of the bag. Each strap consists of 6 columns with one crochet. You will need to knit 20 rows with such columns.


Insert a satin ribbon between the columns with a single crochet - this is the last and topmost row of the handbag. Tie a bow on one side.


For decoration, in addition to the bow, you should also use beads. But he will need to tinker longer. Since each bead will need to be sewn. Sew at a distance of 3 columns. Each subsequent row is staggered.

On this product is ready and you can try it on for a doll. The daughter will be crazy about such a luxurious novelty for her doll.

Snow-white bag with a pink bow

Very cute model with neat handles. Created using single crochet posts. Since a thicker thread is used, it will take very little time for such a product.

The work will require:

  • white pechora yarn;
  • hook number 2.

Stage: the bottom is performed according to the above diagram with columns with one crochet.


In order to get the expansion of the bag in its upper part, you will need to make small additions in each circle. Add 2 columns in each row, one for each edge. A total of 4 rows will be required.

Bag bottom 2


For each handle, select instead of 5 loops a row of 7 air loops and, in a subsequent row, make 10 single crochet stitches. So the pens will be very elegant.


In order to decorate the handbags, just insert a small but very cute bow.

Important! Do not cut short ends for a bow immediately, it is more convenient to do it after a bow. It’s better to flash this bow right in the center so that it doesn’t get loose in the game and does not cause inconvenience to the child. Since it is very difficult to tie short pieces of ribbon into a small bow.

Bag for a doll

This is a real string bag for a doll . Now she will be able to go to the store and buy all the products. The game will definitely become more interesting. The child will learn the real scenes in the game.

The work will require:

  • beige iris yarn:
  • hook for iris.


Tie the bottom according to the pattern of the oval of columns without a crochet.


First, dial the loops along the bottom edge and immediately apply the single crochet pattern for them. Make very tight tables. Then, after 3 rows of such columns, go to the shell pattern. This is the main pattern of the canvas. Knit about 3 rapports in such an unusual pattern, and switch to a single crochet pattern. Knit three rows and start creating pens.


In order to get very graceful handles, you should skip 10 loops on each side and instead of them perform air chains along the length of 26 air loops. Run the last row with single crochet, and in the air chains themselves perform 30 single crochet.

So quickly and simply you can please your beloved baby. A very interesting and necessary thing for playing with dolls.

Stylish and fashionable baby dolls always require replenishment of the wardrobe and beautiful accessories. It’s not necessary to buy all this in the store. It will be interesting and useful and very informative for the child to do something with his own hands. And you can always connect to the child’s crafts. A girl will be able to sew on jewelry or want to learn how to knit herself.