Crochet Cord Bag

A woman’s bag is not only an item for carrying the necessary things, but also a beautiful accessory that can give the appearance completeness and style. There are many varieties of it:

  • household;
  • portfolio;
  • round;
  • sports;
  • clutch bag.

You can buy any model, but it’s much more interesting to build it with your own hands. So you can get the original little thing, with which you can stand out from the crowd.

Knitting materials and tools

For the manufacture you will need a suitable material and a hook. As well as some free time. In any work, it is very important to properly prepare for the process. And making a bag is no exception to the rule. For the preliminary stage, you need to do the following.

  • Choose a beautiful model.
  • Buy special yarn in the form of a tight weave.

You can also create thin thread material using the description below.

  • Pick up a tool. Usually this information is indicated by the manufacturer on the skein label, but you can also use the following method. Fold the fiber in half and, focusing on the resulting thickness, pick up a hook with a head of the appropriate volume.

Advice! You can pick up a hook by performing several patterns of knitting with different numbers and comparing them with each other.

  • Preparation of accessories (handle, ring-holders and so on), locking mechanism and decor. This stage entirely depends on the chosen model and the personal vision of the needlewoman.

How to crochet a bag from a cord

When creating a bag from this material, two methods are used.

  • Direct manufacture of a fabric from this yarn;
  • Tie the cord with a thin thread. In this embodiment, the fiber serves as a basis (frame) for the product.

Consider both methods in a detailed example.

Attention! For the best result, make a pattern, knit samples and make preliminary calculations.

Polyester Cord

Such a material produces a sufficiently thick and stiff canvas, so usually a fabric lining is not required.

For the embodiment you will need a cord of two colors, a hook number 10 and accessories: lightning, carbines and a decorative chain for the handle .

Work description

  • Dial a chain of the required number of air loops.
  • Perform a lifting loop and knit a row of PRS.
  • In the last loop of the chain, do some sc to rotate.
  • Make in this way the bottom of the desired size oval.
  • Continue to knit upwards in rows with RLS without adding to the desired height.
  • In the last row, knit the handle hole.
  • Install the zipper.
  • For a long handle, take a decorative chain and thread several fibers into its links.
  • Attach the chain to the main body using the rings.
  • If desired, decorate the product with decor.

With a cord tied

The following method uses extra yarn.

To make it, you will need a cord (you can use a clothesline), yarn, a hook and accessories.

The working process

  • Make a chain of air loops of the right size.
  • Next, tie the lace according to the pattern, while doing the additions to form the bottom.

  • After making the bottom, knit the fabric without any increase to the required height.
  • Sew the handles and fit the fittings.