Crochet beanie hat for girls

Our fashionable girls from an early age see all the charms of this world. What will be the surprise of a little girl when she sees that her mother is capable of making cool and fashionable hats and more.

For girls, it is better to choose bright fun colors of yarn. This article contains the most beautiful beanie hats for girls and detailed instructions for each model.

Yarn and hook

For your girl, it is better to use soft and not prickly fiber. Yarn should not be a threat and therefore it is better to let it be hypoallergenic.

The thickness of the thread and color are all addictions of the model . A special line of children's yarn is well suited for hats. For example, a baby pechora or a baby.

It is advisable to knit the hat with a crochet according to the size of the yarn so that the threads remain not torn and the fiber is not stretched.


For knitting hats, the girl’s head must first be measured. The first size is the circumference of the head. Lay a measuring tape on the forehead and lead back to the occipital tubercles.

The crocheted product stretches and therefore it is worth immediately taking 2 cm if the hat will be knitted in a circle, without a seam. The second size is the depth of the cap. Measure the length from the lobe of one ear to the second, respectively, through the crown. But this size must be divided in half and done not decrease, as in the previous, but addition. It’s worth adding hats according to the model.

For beanie caps of addition are from 5 cm. So it turns out such a tall and cool product, the ears are covered and in general it is very, very cute.


Before working on a model, you need to tie a sample. Knit it in the same pattern as the model itself. It will take about 10 cm in width and 10 in height.

Set of first crochet loops

Crochet First Chain Set

Then, using a ruler, determine how many loops were 10 cm horizontally, and how many vertically. These two indicators display the density of the mating.

You can combine yarn in several shades.

Important! The density of knitting is always different, so you should not rely on the density of another master, even if the same yarn is taken.

Beanie hat crochet elastic band for girls

Charming and very dense hat for the little princess. It sits well, does not crush. A very simple pattern at the same time looks very unusual. The main thing is that it can be decorated with different bows and labels.

To work, you will need:

  • pink baby yarn 200 g;
  • hook number 3.


We took measurements from the child and the calculation of the length of the product in depth, the width is the number of rows. Therefore, it will be easy to adjust this indicator when knitting products.

Loop set

It is necessary to dial the number of loops for the indicator of the depth of the cap, taking into account the addition. Knit a row and further expand the work. Make the second row incomplete and do not tie 3 columns. Further through each row do incomplete.


When the width is reached, stop knitting. All that remains is to make a side seam. Fold the cap carefully in half and make a seam.

Stage: so that the rows are not broken, it is necessary, after an incomplete row, to complete the full top of the previous one.


Sew a tag and crochet a bow for decoration. The bow itself should be done according to the scheme of the product itself . This is a rectangular canvas of five rows of columns. Then dress with a simple thread in the center and the bow is ready. It is better to use a bow not in tone with the main yarn for a hat. For example, light pink color is a good complement to light gray yarn. The bow itself can be further trimmed with beads.

So the fashionable beanie hat is ready for a charming and fashionable girl.

In addition, you can tie a snood to this cap with a pattern of tassels from gray and pink yarn with the ombre effect. It will be just a terrific kit.

Bean pattern with a seagull using a hook

A mysterious and unflappable model is equally suitable for a young lady and a teenage girl . But the little face is able to decorate with a fun applique on the perimeter.

To work, you will need:

  • children's yarn is the thinnest fiber;
  • hook number 1.75.


Measure your head and transfer measurements to paper. Next, knit a small sample and calculate the number of loops for the product, for its width (circumference) and for its depth.


Knitting begins with an elastic band, but the most interesting is that the elastic band is not as simple as it might seem. It is made across the product. It is necessary to gain 6 cm in length and start knitting strips. After knitting, be sure to connect the short sides.

The basis

Start the base from the elastic, just grabbing the extreme loops, knit along the pattern of the main fabric. Reduce after 10 cm of the base, not counting the gum. Reduce one rapport in one circular row, but do it discreetly and without knitting displacement. Cut back every 5 rows. When the length of the cap is connected, then just pull the last loops into one and finish knitting.

Such a wonderful hat can be decorated with a charming bow on the edge of the elastic band.

Solid crochet beanies

Nice and very warm and durable hat model. This is a crochet hat. The canvas itself with single crochet is always very voluminous. If you do the work in two threads or even three, you get a good winter beanie hat.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn baby pehora beige multi with white inclusions;
  • hook number 3.

Stage: measurements

Take measurements from the baby’s head and, according to the density of a pre-bound sample, calculate how many loops will be needed for an elastic band 3 cm wide. Perform it using embossed columns. This gum is tied across the product. Then make an inconspicuous seam along the back.

Stage: base

Along the edge of the resulting gum, dial single crochet and knit the fabric up in a circle only with single crochet. Try to make the canvas smooth loops. Decrease start immediately and decrease every 6 rows in two loops. After knitting 17 cm, make the scale down to 10 loops per row and every 2 rows.

Upon reaching the required length of the loop product, tighten everything into one and tie a knot well. Using the same hook, the remaining threads can be hidden in the resulting fabric.

The product is ready and you can try it on a girl. But more like it if it is decorated. An elegant brooch in the form of a butterfly, flower or bow is suitable.

These are such cool models mom or grandmother can do on her own. Therefore, do not be afraid of difficulties, with a good description, even beginners have already made cool beanie hats.