Crochet bags from Japanese magazines

Many craftswomen enjoy browsing Japanese crochet handbag magazines.

Models delight with their unusual approaches.

Some combine simple techniques and very bright details. For the following, a very mysterious scheme is applied.

But without knowing the Japanese language, it is very difficult to understand exactly how such handbags are created.

Yarn and Hook Selection

In each description, you need to select a specific yarn, and to it - a hook. A greater effect is created when knitting yarn in two colors.

Crochet creative bags from Japanese magazines

Two models of handbags from Japanese magazines, which were already seen by masters, but did not understand how they were created. Each model has a clear description and good schemes. Everything is not Russian and in plain language without unnecessary words.

Crochet bag with shell pattern

Very simple model, but not a simple pattern. It is a dense shell. But the alternation of color makes it stand out so beautifully. For a handbag, you should choose two complementary shades.

The work will require:

  • yarn of two colors;
  • hook for yarn thickness;
  • wire to create squares to the handles.


The dimensions of this bag are 40 * 25 * 14.


Tie a small square with a shell pattern and calculate how many 10 cm there are elements. Next, transfer all the indicators to the loops and start creating a beautiful handbag.

Shell pattern


Run the bottom according to the above diagram. This is an oval of single crochets. Knit as many rows as size tells. In this case, 20 rows were used with a chain length of 26 air loops.

Scheme for the bottom of the bag


Continue knitting the bottom along the edge of the shell pattern without adding. In total, in a circle should be 26 rapports. Alternate the thread in each new row. A total of 14 rows high.


According to the above scheme of rows of single crochet columns, make two handles with a width of 7 columns with one double crochet and a length of 30 cm. Connect 4 short rectangles 5 cm long according to a similar scheme.

Cut 4 pieces of 8 cm long from the wire and make squares. Tie the resulting figures with simple single crochet columns with a snug fit to each other.

Handle layout


Sew short rectangles to the bag from one end. Insert into each ring and sew the second side. Also do with long handles.

On this bag from a Japanese magazine is connected. Additionally, you can sew a lining, and insert a zipper.

Crochet bag

A very bright bag model is created from simple motifs. Due to the use of contrasting threads, it does not seem so boring and simple.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn of three colors;
  • hook on the thickness of the thread.


The dimensions of this bag are equal to the size of the average package and it is 40 * 40 cm. The product is almost flat.


As a sample, you need to connect one motive and measure its length and width. Next, calculate how many motives will be needed for height and width. Multiply the indicators among themselves and link twice as much. Since it is necessary to connect the two walls of the bag.


For the product you need to make 49 * 2 motives. That is, 98 motives must be tied. It is better to make 49 motives of one color and 49 of another. The central part of the same color.


Sew motives on four sides. Next, make a connection in the form of crosses in the obtained intervals. Crosses with simple air loops.


Knit handles 7 columns wide with a single crochet. 30 cm length for each handle. Sew with a bag and you can consider the product completely ready.

Wonderful handbags from Japanese magazines can now be performed not only by a Japanese girl, but also by any other craftswoman, with the schemes given and a good description.

Therefore, we simply choose the model we like, and begin to do useful and pleasant things from the heart.