Crochet Bag

They say that everything new is well forgotten old. And the material that will be discussed only confirms this.

Knitted yarn is a thin fabric. It can be purchased at points of sale of yarn or made independently. Products from this fiber are quite dense. They have a great shape.

Our grandmothers also made such a thread on their own, from old clothes, and knitted beautiful, colorful rugs. Today's craftswomen breathed new life into old needlework. Now, from such material, you can knit a neat basket or a stylish handbag. Let's take a closer look at how this happens, for example, crocheting a handbag.

What you need for knitting


In the creation of any thing, the primary material plays a decisive role. In our case, this is knitted yarn. This fiber can be obtained in two ways.

  • Purchase special ribbon yarn from the store . It is a skein of a flat cord or ribbon, knitted from a thin thread.

Yarn pattern

  • To make on their own. To do this, take unnecessary clothes and cut them into thin ribbons. Then sew the pieces together and wind them into a ball.
  • Another option for the construction of this material is as follows. Using a hook or knitting needles, knit a thin strip of the required length from a thin thread and wind it into a skein.


You will need a fairly thick hook. To determine its size, you need to fold the thread in two layers and compare the resulting thickness with the thickness of the tool head. Both indicators should be equivalent.

Additional details

You will also need to pick up fixing elements, accessories and decor .

Buttons, zippers, velcro or buttons can act as fasteners, depending on the chosen model and personal preferences.

For accessories, they usually use different rings for attaching the handle or the handle itself, if you prefer a purchased variation.

Each craftswoman carries out jewelry decoration individually.

How to tie a bag

Knitted bags from knitted material have many positive qualities. It does not make sense to list them all, but several basic ones can be distinguished.

  • Products are quite durable.
  • The canvas holds great shape.
  • Due to the bulk of the yarn, the work does not take much time.
  • This method uses the simplest patterns.
  • Despite the simplicity of the knitting used, the item is quite attractive in appearance.
  • Such an accessory will always be in trend.

Almost any sewn model can be embodied in a knitted version using this fiber. This can be a youth backpack or clutch for an evening dress, as well as a beach bag or casual accessory. We will consider some variations in more detail.

Round bag

This variation is one of the most common and favorite among needlewomen. In addition, even a beginner will cope with its creation.

For the embodiment you will need ribbon yarn, a hook and accessories: zipper and handle fasteners.

Knit a bag

  • Follow the beginning of the round part as shown in the photo.

  • Next, knit the fabric in a spiral with single crochet columns (RLS) until you reach the desired diameter.
  • Thus make the front and back.
  • Then tie the rectangular side part of the RLS.
  • Connect the parts by tying at the joint near the RLS.
  • Insert a zipper at the top.
  • Sew on the handle mounting blank.
  • For the handle, weave the cord of the desired length, as shown in the example.

How to tie a cord

If desired, decorate the product with decor.

Reference! This knitted model has one compartment. If you want to divide the interior space into departments, then use lining fabric for this.


This wonderful option can be used as an everyday item and as an accessory to an elegant dress.

To create it, you will need the right type of yarn, a thick hook, a suitable clasp, a long chain and accessories for attaching the handle .

Work stages

  • Follow the pattern to your size. To do this, just make an adjustment to the base drawing.

Basic pattern

  • Next, draw a chain of air loops of sufficient length and knit the main part with a "lush column" pattern.

Lush column

  • Socks knit sc.
  • Tie the contours of the RLS product, while connecting the parts into a single structure.
  • Install the fastener elements.
  • Sew on the handle mounts.
  • Pass the yarn thread through the chain links and attach it to the fasteners.

Attention! Before starting work, knit a sample of the main pattern and conduct its wet-heat treatment. Only after it has dried, proceed with the calculations.


When, on the eve of the summer season, you think about creating a stylish and original accessory, we advise you to pay attention to this model. Knitted bags are quite roomy, comfortable and simple to execute.

For the manufacture you need only knitted yarn and a large hook .


  • Make a pattern according to your standards.

Basic drawing

  • Then tie a sample of the fabric and make knitting calculations.
  • For the main part, make a chain of air loops (v.) Of the estimated length.
  • Next, connect the canvas parts in rows RLS. In this case, evenly open the holes for threading the cord in the upper part.
  • Following the same principle, execute the bottom of the item.
  • Connect parts in a single design.
  • For the handle, tie the chain in. n. the desired length and tie it on both sides next to the sc.
  • Sew the handle to the workpiece or attach using special fittings.
  • Insert a decorative cord through the holes.

Clutch bag

Not every representative of the beautiful half of humanity has the opportunity to purchase an accessory of the corresponding gamut to all holiday dresses. In this case, you will be rescued by a clutch, which you can quickly and easily do with your own hands.

For the embodiment you will need a skein of ribbon yarn, a hook, a decorative chain with large links and a closing mechanism (latch or zipper).

Product Flow Chart

  • Make adjustments to your size in the base drawing.


  • Dial chain c. n. the required length and tie one row of CCH.
  • Next, knit the fabric, knitting rows of alternating lush column and c. P.
  • Finish the part as you started.
  • Run side seams.
  • Pass the thread of yarn through the chain links and sew it in the form of a handle.
  • Sew a chain to a row of CCH.
  • Install the clasp.

Reference! For the handle, you can also use a crocheted flat cord, a leather strap or bead weaving.

Useful Tips

In conclusion, let me give you some useful recommendations that will greatly facilitate the workflow and help achieve the best result.

  • When making calculations, do not forget to throw a few centimeters on the seams.
  • When choosing a tool, it is better to stay on the plastic version . It has good sliding characteristics of the material on the surface. And it’s easier than its metal counterpart.
  • If you are making a product using several types of knitted yarn, knit a sample for each of them.
  • If in the process of circular knitting your fabric began to deform: it went “in a wave” or began to turn up, then there is an error in the calculations. To fix this, do the following. If the “wave” - reduce a few loops, if it tucks or pulls - add loops.
  • To knit round fragments, you can use napkin patterns, but then be sure to use a lining. This will help small things inside to not slip out through openwork openings.
  • You should not decorate the product much, as this yarn gives the accessory an elegant look. If you can’t wait to decorate a thing, choose small details for this: beads, ribbon, metal elements and so on.
  • Beginning needlewomen will benefit from a video showing the manufacture of the selected model. You can find the record on the Internet.

As you, I hope, are convinced that knitted yarn allows you to create wonderful additions to any style, for all occasions. It is enough to choose an unusual model, beautiful colors and spend some free time. Do not forget about the creative vision and flight of imagination, which allow you to create real masterpieces.

Enjoy your work, smooth loops and beautiful bags!