Crochet backpack for girls

Many people want to look stylish with a high-quality and original accessory. But also many do not have sufficient funds to acquire them. An excellent solution would be to make a knitted backpack with your own hands from yarn.

How to crochet a backpack for a girl

In order to make it, you will need three hundred grams of colored yarn, consisting of one hundred percent cotton.

Reference! It is worth noting that each new row of a circle must begin with three air loops.

Working process:

  • To complete the main pattern, you need to make a double crocheted column.
  • Next, you need to complete the basis by creating forty-seven air loops with the addition of 3 lifting loops. Run two double crochet in all loops, and add three loops to the outermost one. After that, from the beginning of the other side, execute double crochet and complete with a connecting column. Thus, you need to complete the rest of the basics of your original backpack.
  • After that, also cross-stitch the closing part of your homemade backpack and attach it to the back of the backpack.
  • The next step is to complete the lock. To do this, sew a decorative button with an approximate diameter of three centimeters to the front of the backpack. On the closing part, make a small loop so that you can securely close your bag.

After completing these steps, attach the handles to the upper and lower parts of the bag, respectively, so that you can comfortably carry it.

Crochet backpack decor and decoration

There are many different options to enhance the look of your homemade and original bag.

Cutting and sewing stores sell some decorative items that are great for decorating your backpack. For example, you can use decorative flowers. They emphasize the individuality and femininity of a knitted product. You can purchase artificial butterflies or birds, which will help give things vivacity and originality.

You can also use embroidery itself to create a pattern on the outside of the product. You can perform a variety of landscapes and decorative elements in this way to give more originality.

Another good way is to combine the colors of different parts of the bag. For example, you can make the base of one color, and the handles and lock of a different color. This gives the product brightness, juiciness and it will set you apart from the gray crowd of people.