Crochet baby dress

Children's dress itself is very charming. But crocheted models with light lace are touching things.

Crocheting a dress is no more difficult than knitting a couple of napkins . Of course, it will take more time, but such a waste is definitely worth it.

Let us make sure of this model of dresses that were crocheted and to which there are very good schemes and a phased description.

Yarn and hook

For a light and weightless summer dress, only cotton yarn is required. This is a very thin thread. Perhaps the use of iris threads. In such a dress it will not be so hot, and the child will definitely like a very beautiful and elegant product.

Warmer knitted patterns can be made from a children's line of yarn . It is better for a winter model to knit in two threads. But the common for all types of yarn remains unchanged - their composition must necessarily be hypoallergenic. The thread should not be barbed.

The hook will always be selected together with the thread, because its size depends on it. As for the design, it can be picked up for the hand of the master. It is very important to pay attention to a convenient model, so you should definitely not rush into the choice.


A dress needs several measurements. This is the size of the circumference of the neck. You need to understand how to knit the collar of the product. The waist circumference is to carry out the correct size of the shelf and it is better to take a couple of cm in stock so that the product is quite free and does not hamper the movements of the child. The height of the back will act at the beginning of the hem line.

There are models with high waist, for the child they are very convenient. The belt of the dress will not press on the tummy and it will be very free to play without restraint of movement.


Crochet a dress simply does not work out according to the model. In knitting, there is a knitting density and it will be different. And that is why even one master cannot make two identical products.

Set of first crochet loops

Initially, you will need to tie a small piece and calculate how many rows and how many loops are 10 cm. This also adds up to the density of the loops.

Crochet 1st Chain Set

Further, it will be easy to calculate, by necessary standards, the required number of rapports.

Baby dress dense shell pattern

This product is made of warmer threads, it can be used for autumn and spring . Rainbow transfusion of flowers looks very beautiful on children's things.

To work, you will need:

  • baby yarn for children (different colors or multi yarn);
  • hook number 2.


Measure the circumference of the neck of the child and multiply the indicator by 2. This will be the indicator for the neck of the dress. Perform it with the rows of circular columns with one crochet. For raglans make special additions at 4 points. Distribute hinges for sleeves and shelves in advance. These are equal amounts and therefore it will not be difficult to divide the canvas into 4 parts.

Raglan pattern


After performing the desired raglan height, this indicator is equal in the model for a year to 14 rows, go to another scheme. The hem pattern is a very popular and at the same time very beautiful shell. For her, the scheme is located below. In each row, make additions to exactly one rapport, that is, to one shell. It will turn out a very magnificent product.

Important! If desired, additions can be done not so often, but through a series. So you get a smooth line and not too lush product.

Knit 9 rapports and finish the model.


In order to decorate the model, you need to walk with contrasting thread along the sleeves of the dress. The scheme of the walking step will do. A small chain of air loops will look good along the waistline. Just tie in a charming bow.

Winter model for a very little girl

How can you refuse a baby in such a dress. It’s just any mom’s dream to dress her girl in such an exclusive outfit.

To work, you will need:

  • thick-fiber pehora yarn;
  • hook number 4.


For a child up to a year when knitting in two threads, 40 loops and a circle of 40 single crochet stitches are required to perform raglan. Knit with additions on raglan in 4 points. Knit 4 more double crochet stitches and replace single crochet stitches with single crochet stitches. Knit three more rows and select the fabric for the sleeves and the fabric for the front and back. For each sleeve, you should get 18 columns. The remaining hinges are divided between the shelves of the back and front.


Knit with a purple thread and make 2 additions in the first row and in the second 4. Next, change the thread to blue, and knit a row with columns with one crochet without additions. The next row is to be double-crocheted, do additions every 3 loops. Just knit two columns with three crochets in one column.


This model would have looked completely different without an unusual flower with spirals. For a flower, perform two elements according to the scheme.

Important! Knit as many rows as the size of the flower requires.

To make a spiral from a chain of 40 loops, you just need to make columns with one double crochet, two in one loop. Sew jewelry and dress ready. And the sleeves can be additionally distinguished by two rows of white double crocheted columns and one single crocheted thread.

Crochet white dress with pink flowers

Very simple product and very charming. How could someone not like such a gorgeous lace? A girl at any holiday in such a charming outfit will become the most beautiful. The dress has a high waistline that the child will appreciate in the first game, as well as a comfortable short sleeve.

To work, you will need:

  • yarn cotton iris (you need to take white and a little pink to make flower decorations);
  • hook number 0.85.


It is very convenient to knit a collar for this dress. It is just a small disk. And immediately it turns out the sleeves, as well as the bodice and gate. Knit in a circle according to the provided pattern.


To leave loops for the sleeves, it is necessary to leave the same number of rapports for the left and right sides. The number of rapports for the back and front of the dress itself should also be the same. Go to the outline of the main pattern for the dress and make a hem.

Important! The length of the skirt can be changed and this is shown in the diagram by lines. You just need to make more rows according to the simple double crochet double crochet pattern.

A beautiful border is also presented in the diagram. Beautiful branching of flowers makes the dress magnificent and very beautiful. The border itself is not so complex and very similar to the pineapple pattern. These single crochet posts and air loops add up to such an unusual and beautiful border pattern.


In order to decorate this wonderful dress, you need to dial a chain of air loops from a pink thread and insert as a small belt. Draw the eyebrows in the front . Perform the flowers according to the diagram below. Fold a large and small one and in the middle a bead and sew to the dress. It’s very beautiful to sew flowers on the canvas pattern, as shown in the photo.

Such models with a tulle petticoat look very nice.

Isn't it a fabulous model? And why not all mothers knit on maternity leave, how many models could still be invented for their girls. Do not bury your talent, but master. After all, who if not you can make this world more beautiful with beautiful and fashionable crochet dresses.