Creative boho style jewelry

Recently, the boho style has become an unusually popular fashion trend. It combines incompatible elements and allows you to experiment, embodying the most daring ideas . Moreover, jewelry is not an auxiliary accessory, but an important detail of the bow.

What is boho style?

The appearance and name of the style owed to the gypsy tribes and free creators who lived in medieval Europe (French bohemiens). That is why it is distinguished by the presence of a variety of decorations. After all, the life of a free people is full of adventure and unpredictability. They may be poor, and then suddenly get rich. This is reflected in clothing and accessories.

Jewelry can be expensive and custom-made or, conversely, heavily worn, bought for nothing.

Gypsies are very fond of gold. However, the abundance of gold jewelry would make boho a style not accessible to many. Modern fashionistas have replaced this metal with silver or jewelry. The term "boho" appeared in the 1960s.

Reference! In a modern interpretation, the style was introduced in the 2000s by supermodel Kate Moss. It was she who began to mix things of various subjects at ease.

Features of boho jewelry

The combination of seemingly incompatible things always attracts great interest. Boho-chic is an interweaving of sophistication, naturalness, lightness and extravagance.

The following style features can be distinguished:

  • a combination of bohemian and low cost in one product;
  • bulkiness and grace ;
  • use of different textures and materials : lace, fur, metal, wood, ceramics and others;
  • the main motive is freedom and emancipation;
  • convenience and harmony ;
  • variety : ethnic motifs, elements of grunge and gothic, oriental notes;
  • design approach to design and creation.

There is a boho street style - simpler, but equally diverse.

Attention! Many women love to make jewelry themselves, discovering all new opportunities for the manifestation of fantasy.

Natural materials

Boho is devoid of routine and routine. Products must be made of natural materials. Amber, malachite, carnelian and other natural stones or their quality copies perfectly complement jewelry. Stones should be noticeable and bright .

Often used fabrics. Moreover , leather, velvet, lace, wool and organza are ideally combined with each other.


Boho style jewelry can become a bright accent of the image and draw all the attention to yourself. There are no restrictions in the color picker. Therefore, accessories can be catchy and stand out from the rest of the wardrobe.


The direction involves a combination of several chains and necklaces of different lengths, complemented by pendants and pendants. You can also wear multiple rings at once.

Bracelets are best combined in several rows . However, they may not match in color, shape and size, and also have a different decor.

An integral part of the bow is ringing earrings with many small elements. Multilayer bracelets on the legs are in fashion, they can be an independent decoration or part of sandals.


In many collections of famous designers you can find fringe. For several seasons she has not gone out of fashion. Moreover, fringe is also presented in the most unexpected combinations . These can be brush-shaped earrings, narrow chains of silk thread, leather bracelets, pendants with suede fringe and much more.

Earrings with chains and removable details go well with long skirts and dresses based on cotton, as well as trendy ripped jeans.

Kind of Antiques

Items with historical value are especially valued, and not every jewelry falls into this category. Often you can find accessories made of black silver and rhodium metal . The decorative finishes and the aging effect give the jewelry a vintage look.

It should give the impression that the thing was inherited. In the boho style, it is important to reveal the uniqueness of each person.

Important! The shape of the decoration can resemble flowers or observe strict geometry.

Original accents

Products can be supplemented with national ornaments, patterns or unusual symbols. Without them, a full-fledged image in the boho style is impossible.

Multilayer leather and massive metal models can be successfully combined in texture and color of inserts . Wearing such jewelry is appropriate in spring and summer, including during a beach holiday, and with everyday outfits, and with more luxurious looks. For example, with a competent approach, they can ideally be combined with bohemian-style maxi dresses.

Boho style is chosen by free and creative people who are not afraid of bold and unexpected decisions . You need to choose jewelry carefully and thoughtfully in order to be in harmony with the surrounding reality and to feel confident and calm.