Country producer of Vogue glasses

Every woman wants to be attractive and compelling for men. To achieve this goal, undoubtedly, correctly selected optics will help.

Vogue brand history

The Italian company Vogue Eyewear has been leading its history for more than 45 years. The first samples of glasses were released by her in the distant 1973 of the twentieth century. But only after her accession in 1990 to the Luxottica Group, created in 1961 by Leonardo Del Vechio, and a change in the management team, this brand became widely known.

Leonardo Del Vecchio

Such a breakthrough in the world of optical fashion by an unremarkable company from Italy became possible thanks to the introduction of new methods of work taking into account leading fashion trends. In the market of modern optics, this brand has gained immense popularity due to its individual developments and collectible offers.

Today Vogue is a klondike for the most sophisticated young fashionistas, as well as active and motivated women. Brand design projects are full of innovative solutions aimed at meeting the needs of their customers and increasing brand awareness due to the bright uniqueness of the created models.

Vogue Eyewear Fashion Trends

The corporate identity of this Italian brand is elegance and courage. This applies to both sun-protection and vision-correcting models.

Every year, for four decades now, the designers of this company have been presenting to their customers current collections of glasses combining the good old classics and trendy trends.

Not without reason in the world of fashion, optics and frames of Vogue Eyewear are called the “new classic”, because they created the perfect balance of conservatism and avant-garde . A striking manifestation of these trends are the following features:

  • traditional styles suitable for almost everyone: “kitty”, “pantosa”, a variety of round patterns, “butterfly”, “droplets”;
  • creativity of color solutions, detailing of the decor, unusual catchiness and at the same time emphasized accuracy in the processing of frames and earhooks;
  • the wide functionality of the same model, due to the lack of pretentiousness, makes it relevant both in a casual look and in a stylish outfit.

Important! Vogue glasses are distinguished by textured earhooks in bright, even contrasting shades with floral decorations.

Gigi Hadid Special Collection

It was developed in close collaboration with top model Gigi Hadid, who for several years has been the face of this brand. Created as a retroshik, it is filled with the spirit of the bygone 90s.

The new collection of 2019 seems to be pushing modern fashionistas to try on urban retrofuturism in combination with a glamorous personality.

Gigi Hadid with glasses Vogue 4082S

The last series of optics created by Gigi for Vogue combines street ease and elegant stylishness of modern women who look confidently into the future. There is everything they want here: retroclassics, tight-fitting "monolysis", narrow "cat's eye" lenses in a metal frame, a low square from the 1990s.

Metallic beat

This hit of the season is distinguished by a special feminine sophistication with modern trends. The latest disco-style pieces are designed for girls and young women who can't imagine their life without glamor even when taking a bath.


The lineup is never cooler! The real splendor of optics for summer is presented in the In Vogue, Casual Chic, Timeless series with its varieties: cat's eye, butterfly, retrostyle.

These beautiful accessories will make the feminine charm even more elegant and mysterious.

Note! The glasses of this collection will perfectly hide age-related skin defects in the eye area.

Light & shine

This is a minimalist style: glossy frame + metal decor + shimmering color. Its focus is to emphasize the natural beauty of the owner of the accessory.

Very popular are sun glasses and optical frames for vision, made in two-tone tones of bright colors, decorated with elements of metal.

In general, this collection includes more than twenty all kinds of combinations of colors for glasses and frames, including gradient and mirror lenses.

It includes six models: four variations of pantos, "cat's eye" and round.


Models in this series have an individual history. Perhaps it will match yours and then this accessory will sparkle with new colors.


Femininity coupled with retro-inspired and super-modern forms are the main components of a glamorous style. In them you will confidently go through life forward to the goal.


Models of the winter series perfectly protect makeup from moisture and wind. Among the collection designs, there is always one that you need to create a modern, stylish look.


Its distinguishing feature is its lightweight design using a metal frame, which will make the everyday look more sophisticated. Moreover, the choice of metallic tones is quite wide.

Thus, Vogue Eyewear optics is primarily intended for women who are dynamic, self-confident, open to new and bold images. Sun glasses and corrective optics will suit lovers of their unique originality and personality. These accessories subtly emphasize the style of your look.