Costume zucchini for a child with their own hands photo

There are many different options for dresses for children's parties. Among them, suits of fruits and vegetables are especially popular. A special place among them is the zucchini costume. Many craftswomen do not justifiably refuse to create such an image. After all, with the wrong approach, this vegetable can be confused with cucumber, peas or even a grasshopper. Using simple recommendations and photos, you can make an exclusive and easily recognizable outfit.

What you need to create a costume

The choice of material for creating the outfit for a girl or boy depends on the design features and personal preferences of the author. In most cases, you will need:

  • A cut of fabric. Usually a bright shiny satin of green color is used. But you can use any other fabric available and preferably lightweight;
  • Resnika up to 2.5 cm in width;
  • Thread, needle, scissors;
  • Paper for building patterns;
  • Colored paper, cardboard or paints to create a decor;
  • Sintepon or other filler.

Reference! In some cases, the outfit can even not be sewn. So, for a girl, it is better to take an already available dress in white or yellow and sew on it a zucchini pattern, as well as tie large bows on her head.

How to make a zucchini costume for a child with your own hands

The costume most often consists of pants, a jacket and a hat. You can make a jumpsuit. In this example, sewing a wide overalls with sleeves is considered. It can be sleeveless, with straps. In this case, you can put on a badlon or a t-shirt of a neutral color. Consider the process of creating a costume in stages:

  • First you need to make a pattern of a suit. To do this, take tracing paper or old wallpaper and a pencil. Also prepare a baby's blouse, pants or jumpsuit. They can be used as the basis for a future product;
  • Next, we circle the details of the clothes together so that the product looks like a jumpsuit in shape. In this case, we add an additional 10 cm from each edge of the sleeves and legs, because later they will be fixed with an elastic band. The resulting product must be free;
  • We transfer the pattern to the fabric using a bar of soap and add up to 1.5 cm to the connection of the seams;
  • Before you start sewing, you need to think about where the fastener will be located. It is more convenient to do it on the back. Make a mark under the zipper, depending on its length;
  • Fold the parts (front and back) with the front sides and fasten them with pins. We connect the side seams on the machine. The atlas is slippery material and it is necessary to adapt to it so that it does not move out during work. Therefore, it is recommended to sew slowly and practice for a start on a separate piece;
  • Next, grind the side cut of the sleeves;
  • Then iron all the seams with an iron so that there are no seals and irregularities;
  • Next, they sew in the sleeves. If you are doing this for the first time or infrequently, it is better to flash the preliminary line manually, and then on a typewriter;
  • We begin to do the processing of the lower sections of the legs and sleeves. To do this, you need to make drawstrings and thread gum into them. The length of the gum can be moderated by the circumference of the wrist and leg;
  • Also, sleeves and legs can be decorated with a decorative frill in a contrasting color. For example, if the jumpsuit itself is green, then the frill can be yellow or dark green;
  • Getting to stitching the zipper. It must be placed on the fabric, sweep and check that it is well closed and opened. Next, we sew it on a typewriter. For sewing hidden zippers, special paws are sold;
  • We make a decorative collar from leaves. To do this, cut out several leaves and sew them along the length of the neck. You can hide the seams with a decorative edging or edge;
  • It remains to add decorative elements and make the outfit even more recognizable.

Important! A suitable pattern of overalls can be found on the Internet on thematic forums. As a basis, a suit of cucumber, eggplant and other vegetables is also used. The main thing is to choose the right fabric and jewelry.

It is recommended to make an unusual hat for this image. To do this, it is enough to carve out a rectangle of 65x40 cm. It is also necessary to add a couple of centimeters to the seam processing and drawstring (its size will depend on the width of the elastic). Next, flash the slices. On the bottom edge we make a drawstring and we put in an elastic band through it. Next, we tighten the elastic to a comfortable length for the child and hem. Sew a leaf on top of the cap.

Reference! It is recommended to try on at all stages of the production of the costume, so that the product sits as accurately as possible and is comfortable for the child. Therefore, the initial pattern can undergo major changes.

Accessories to complement the look

In addition to the image, you can make beautiful decorative ornaments on clothes. You can consider the following options:

  • Application in the form of zucchini on a jacket. To do this, cut zucchini and a twig from fabrics of different colors. It is best to sew the appliqué with decorative stitches or glue it. Quickly drawing is cut out of colored paper or cardboard;
  • Painting clothes with acrylic paints. These paints are not washed off, and a simple drawing can be drawn both by hand and using stencils.

A simpler view of the headdress will be the rim and the zucchini pattern attached to it. You can take a ready-made bezel, or you can make it yourself from cardboard. For this, a strip is cut equal to the circumference of the child's head. In width, it can be from 5-7 cm. And more. Its ends are connected to each other with glue. On the resulting hoop, glue the zucchini pattern.

Attention! A zucchini picture can be downloaded on the Internet and then printed. And you can draw the most on thick cardboard and paint with gouache. A bulk vegetable made of fabric and filled with sintepon will look more impressive.

Another interesting option would be to take any available hat and craft a volumetric zucchini for it. To do this, cut two parts of zucchini, sew them together and stuff with cotton, foam rubber or other filler. Next, sew a pair of yellow and green leaves. Zucchini can be either large or small.

The final step will be the selection of shoes. It should be comfortable sneakers, sneakers, sandals or ballet shoes. The main thing is that their color is harmoniously combined with other clothes and accessories. You can also add face painting by drawing a favorite vegetable on the cheeks. Water based paint is completely safe, easy to apply and rinse off.

Thus, a zucchini costume can be made with one’s own hands without resorting to outside help and without significant financial costs. We hope that this article was useful and will help to realize bold ideas on preparing an exclusive outfit for a children's holiday.