Consequences of Piercing

Once upon a time there was a saying: "Following fashion, do not disfigure yourself." For fans of fashionable piercings and lovers of art painting in the form of a tattoo, this applies directly. What is fraught with the desire to sacrifice your health for the sake of beauty, what effect it has on the human body, read on.

Interesting! The tradition of decorating oneself with earrings everywhere was borrowed from representatives of African tribes - they have these signs indicating social status, marital status, special merits. And the first tattoos were found on the skin of mummies found in Egypt, although, of course, they were made back in the Stone Age.

What could happen to the puncture site or tattoo?

The skin, designed to protect us from the threats of the outside world, remains a very delicate matter. Injury during piercing is fraught with the following consequences:

  • allergic to metal or components of a tattoo paint;
  • scar formation;
  • sepsis (blood poisoning).

The first case is usually detected some time after the procedure. Faced with the symptoms of long healing, swelling or suppuration, do not neglect the help of specialists!

Scarring is possible if it is incorrect to care for the site of puncture or carelessness of the master: trying to cope with the injury, the connective tissue grows excessively, forming a scar.

It is impossible to miss a blood poisoning - it develops rapidly in a few hours after the "operation". A visitor to a beauty salon breathes with difficulty, fever, tachycardia and sees something different than usual? An emergency call should be made immediately! The rest is up to the doctors.

The risk of infection is always relevant, even if a piercing or tattoo was done in the most expensive salon in the city. And not only because of the dishonesty of its employees: walking with damaged skin, you can catch an infection - HIV or hepatitis is unlikely, but tetanus and tuberculosis - easily!

Important! Newly opened salon invites visitors with mega-discounts? Do not rush to become his first clients: an institution can disappear as abruptly as it opens. But the infection itself does not disappear.

Complications after piercing and tattooing

Anatomically, under puncture, any “fleshy area” of the body is suitable, but there are nuances.


The facial muscles are covered with a frequent network of nerves and blood vessels, which increases the risk of complications. There are specific points: for example, piercing the nose is not as extreme as an eyebrow or tongue. But - not for patients with sinusitis or prone to nosebleeds! To blow your nose with an earring in your nose is painful and traumatic.

Having decided to decorate the eyebrow with a barbell, you can inadvertently get into the nerve and lose your eyesight. And the abundance of blood vessels in the eye sometimes responds with a hematoma for more than one week!

Puncture the lip, you can face the problem of violation of diction. And, if the master misses a little with a place for a piercing, teeth can suffer. What about current saliva? It happens if the hole turns out to be excessive!

Finally, there is a high probability of loss of pleasure from food, if the earring will cause concern when chewing.

The ears

In addition to the traditional lobe, now decorate any area on the sink, including cartilaginous places. However, the ear is the center of the points associated with a variety of organs. And, piercing the area responsible, for example, for the liver or heart, do not be surprised at the problems with them!

Therefore, wanting to look original, you should first visit a reflexologist - let him mark the "safe" areas.


If in ancient Egypt, ladies pierced the navel to prevent evil spirits from getting inside their bodies, then modern fashionistas only emphasize the beauty of a tightened tummy. In addition to the common risks when piercing, there are specific troubles:

  • the procedure is very painful;
  • a week after the "operation" - no physical exertion whatsoever, six months - significant restrictions on sports;
  • a few weeks have to do without a beach and without a solarium;
  • clothing constantly worries about the puncture site - an earring can simply be torn out.

With the onset of pregnancy, the jewelry will have to be removed immediately.

Important! It is not recommended to remove an earring from your navel on your own, unless it is worn by a surgeon!


This is only permissible for those who are confident in the lack of probability of ever becoming a nursing mother - the risk of damaging the duct is too great. The puncture is very painful! The piercing is easy to pull out with clothes or underwear, so it is better to choose an earring with a minimum of catching elements.

Interesting! Nipples were pierced by the ancient Roman warriors - the more massive the decoration, the more valor he had.

Intimate parts

About 90% of connoisseurs of new sensations face complications. A ring on the clitoris or cloves in the head of the penis sometimes causes inflammation, which does not go away for a long time even after removal of the jewelry.


The most dangerous and difficult option for piercing is a puncture can be done in a single place. If the master misses, the victim of an unsuccessful procedure will not have to sit for several weeks!

Is it possible to avoid problems after the procedure?

The risk is always present, but it can be minimized by making sure that the master has:

  • certificate of special education;
  • medical book;
  • license;
  • certificate attesting a lecture course on infections.

Make sure that the instruments, jewelry, hands of the master and the puncture site are sanitized. Complications occur under unsanitary conditions and violations of technology.