The company sews clothes according to drawings created by children.

Children love to draw, and many girls and boys even want to become fashion designers and fashion designers. Why not make childhood dreams come true? So thought Jamie Newberry, the mother of two beautiful girls, and sewed dresses for them according to their own drawings ! This idea was so liked by friends and girlfriends of daughters that a funny idea turned into a real brand. Read more about it below.

What brand makes clothes according to children's drawings?

After Jamie’s close circle reacted very well to the creation of an unusual dress, her mother came up with the idea - to create her own brand, which will be engaged in one direction - to sew clothes according to children's drawings . Together with her boyfriend Ken and a couple of friends, she decided to open her own production.

The first announcement was posted on Twitter, after which numerous orders fell on the needlewoman. Then it was no longer created at home, but a large-scale production of original children's things in Las Vegas. The company was simply and tastefully called “Picture This, ” which means “Draw it . Jamie's business has existed since 2016 and has already managed to bring not only income to its owner, but also a lot of joy to the owners of things.

Interesting! At the time of opening, “Picture This” had the opportunity to sew only A-shaped dresses for little fashionistas with their own print. Now the creators have expanded their production and also produce t-shirts for boys.

Who comes up with models?

The most unusual part of creating a dress is preparing a sketch. It is entirely invented by a child who will subsequently wear this thing. All the kid needs is to draw a dress or t-shirt of his dreams . Any ideas are welcome: fairy-tale characters, cute animals, unusual patterns and everything else that a child’s imagination is capable of.

Jamie herself and her team do not interfere in the creative process in any way: they only accept the finished sketch.

How does this happen?

The brand does not have an offline store, so all interaction with customers occurs through a special site . In order to order a thing according to a children's sketch, parents need to take a few simple steps:

  • go to the brand’s website and download a special template in the form of a dress or T-shirt for coloring;
  • print it and give it to the child. Let him create his own design on it;
  • take a picture or scan the resulting masterpiece, indicate the necessary size of the thing and the address so that the parcel finds its addressee;
  • wait for the treasured parcel to arrive.

As for the process of clothing production itself, everything is not so simple here. The pattern is not applied on top of the finished white blank: the fabric is released immediately with the necessary print . This means that children's art does not come off and does not crack after the first wash. The pattern is firmly printed on elastic material.

For each dress and T-shirt, two identical colored details are manually cut out, so things look as cool from the back as they are from the front. Then the blanks are stitched together, carefully packed and sent to customers.

Important! Jamie personally checks the quality of the purchased material for production, prints drawings, selects paper or bags so that the children receive beautifully packaged clothes of their dreams.

Potential consumer

Most often, girls’s parents order dresses of their own design. T-shirts for boys are less commonly ordered, but their designs are also very memorable and unusual. The main audience of the brand's fans is kids aged 5-10 and active parents, who support their children's creative endeavors in everything.

Model Examples

What funny and cute prints did not print “Picture This” during its existence! Here, and bizarre patterns, and smiling animals. We liked the following models most of all.

Sun, cotton wool, children's park

It seems to us that this girl loves to go to the amusement park with her parents on weekends. She portrayed a sunny day on her designer dress and a cotton candy store that her mother bought. And the baby loves airplanes. One of them very cool fit into her idea.

True friend

The young designer painted a sketch of her faithful friend - a black and white shaggy dog. The girl also decorated the composition with multi-colored prints of the pet's paws.

Multi-colored fantasies

The following two artists chose the brightest colors for their dresses. One decided to depict multi-colored stripes, and the other - a funny cat on a pink bike.

Sophisticated applique

On mock-ups you can not only draw, but also make applications and embroider. This girl created a cool composition of cotton balls, sequins and threads. It turned out very impressive!

This is how Jamie Newberry’s simple fantasy came true. Created with great love, the company has for several years embodied the dreams of small fashion designers, not only in America but throughout the world.