The combination of turquoise in clothes

Turquoise is an incredibly beautiful color, mysterious and unusual . It combines two saturated shades: cold blue and warm yellow, which makes it most suitable for winter and spring color types. However, the correct selection of colors and textures will help create a harmonious image for girls with absolutely any appearance.

Features turquoise hue

Turquoise perfectly refreshes the image, makes it more elegant and interesting (photo) .

There are several popular shades most commonly used in clothing:

  • Light turquoise is perfect for girls with blond hair and fair skin. Harmonizes and balances thanks to delicate shades.
  • Turquoise topaz is saturated, it is better to harmonize with neutral colors. Ideal look will complement the image of gold jewelry or accessories in gold.
  • Bright turquoise still has the name Tiffany. The brightest and most fashionable shade of turquoise. Great for swarthy skin and tanned girls.
  • Dark turquoise is ideal for a festive dress. It goes to fair-skinned girls.

Who is it for?

All turquoise shades are ideal for gray-eyed or brown-eyed girls with dark hair .

Brown-haired and brown-haired go tones: bright, dark and bluish-blue.

Blondes are recommended to wear soft shades, and red-haired - dark.

Fashionable looks

Turquoise is gaining more and more relevance in boho collections . This style is in trend, and its combination with turquoise makes the image fresh and original.

An interesting and extraordinary solution is to use monochrome . This is suitable for girls of all ages and types of appearance. The main thing is that the transition between colors is soft. Blondes in this way will make the image more romantic, and brunettes will emphasize the contrast.

A dress of this shade looks feminine and luxurious. A turquoise maxi dress is the choice of many celebrities on the red carpet. Short dresses are an interesting and good choice for parties, clubs. Depending on the cut, they can be worn in everyday life, on a date or on a special occasion. The “mermaid” dress will emphasize the figure and is suitable for a festive atmosphere.

Flared skirts in combination with a floral blouse will create an image in the style of the 60s, which will be very important. An interesting but neat combination will turn out with a black and white top .

A maxi skirt is combined with a neutral color: white and black, it can be a blouse, and a top, and a T-shirt . Office option: a pencil skirt in tandem with a silk blouse of a neutral color - the image will turn out elegant and feminine.

Pants should be worn with a calmer, neutral upper: white, black or beige . The classic model is perfectly complemented by a silk top. Skinny jeans with a high waist - black or white turtleneck or shirt. Models with a shorter length look interesting with a satin top and vest.

The use of color in a shirt will give an image of liveliness and elegance. This is a universal solution that is suitable for skirts, trousers and jeans. A bold decision is to tie a shirt over a black dress, but neatly with white.

A jacket is a solution for all occasions. A jacket is worn over a yellow, brown or beige dress .

Wear with a white top and dark skinny pants or jeans, stilettos. A casual look is jeans, a bright T-shirt and sneakers. A more rigorous option: a neutral color blouse or top, pencil skirt and boats.

A turquoise coat is a bold and effective solution. It can be of different cuts and lengths, you need to start from the type of figure. Light accessories are suitable for the coat: beige, gray, coffee with milk, delicate pink.

Combination with other colors

Turquoise + White

A classic combination suitable for any weather. Favorably shades turquoise. Most go to the winter color type.

With beige

A softer combination that dims the brightness of turquoise. Suitable for spring color.

With red

An ambiguous combination. It is contraindicated to use two bright shades, only one of them should dominate. You should not choose a print from these shades, the best combination is the bottom in one color, the top in another. The use of orange is similar.

With yellow

Together they create a bright and warm image. A great solution for a beach theme . The combination with gold is a classic of evening dresses.

With blue

Harmonious combination, refreshing appearance.

With brown

Beautiful and elegant solution. One of the most popular images . Chocolate color will make it more original, but nonetheless elegant.

With black

The main thing is to observe the correct proportions so as not to go into gloom or brightness. It is recommended to add a third color: white or beige .

Turquoise - the color is bold, original, but very feminine and elegant. It is important to skillfully combine it with other colors to emphasize a fresh image. Turquoise color implies a large number of shades, making it suitable for almost all girls.