The combination of red in clothes

The most catchy, saturated and energetic color is considered red . Many women are afraid to use it, not knowing its features. He will never leave the glossy covers of leading editions and will create a stylish and memorable bow.

Features of red color

Psychologists say that this shade is chosen by bold, extravagant and passionate personalities. He attracts universal attention, and leaves no one without emotions.

It is also believed that clothes of this color are a great opportunity to showcase yourself. Therefore, it is important that the image is carefully thought out. This is one of the brightest colors. If you need to establish good relations with people, it is better to prefer calm shades.

Attention! In Asian countries, this color means happiness, success, joy and reliability. It gives solidity and confidence.

Who is going to?

Red has various shades, and each woman has a different one depending on the color type:

  • "Autumn". You can choose warm shades: terracotta, salmon, brick, carrot. They perfectly accentuate red hair and freckles on the face.
  • "Spring". Strengthen the natural beauty will help warm colors with a yellow or orange undertone. It can be scarlet, ruby, coral.

  • "Summer". For girls of this type, cherry, lingonberry and lilac pink are suitable.
  • "Winter". Successfully distinguish the type of cool tones: dark red, pomegranate, cognac.

Important! Pure red in its pure form is not such a common phenomenon, since it is too assertive and demanding on the figure and appearance.

Spectacular combinations in clothes with different colors

In combination with other colors, red can transform and become even more expressive. Consider the best combinations:

  • White This combination is considered a classic and makes the image more feminine and cute. Red can become the main one, and white can be used as additions, or vice versa. Even one ruby ​​little thing on a light background emphasizes individuality.

  • Black The combination is also classic, but heavier and more intense . It is rarely used in everyday bows, but spectacularly for special occasions.

The milky color added to the image will help relieve eyestrain .

  • Gray This choice is for those who do not want to look too defiant. Gray is considered an ideal ally and will help red not look so bright . Better if there will be more gray than red. Companions can be black and white things.

  • Blue This combination creates a stylish contrast. It is important to understand which of the colors will be the primary . So, along with ruby ​​tones , an indigo clutch or blue loafers will do .

  • Green It is undesirable to wear shades equivalent in saturation and concentration. Scarlet is suitable for green or dark emerald.

  • Yellow . The image will be truly sunny, tropical and life-affirming.

Successful images

The variety of variations allows you to create many interesting bows :

  • bright high-waisted trousers, top, blouse and short coat;
  • trousers, a topic, a leather jacket and a miniature handbag on a chain;
  • a red mini or A-line skirt and a three-quarter sleeve blouse;
  • pullover bright crimson in combination with skinny pants or jeans;
  • lace dress, jacket and handbag over the shoulder.

Reference. Red trousers complete with a dark jacket and white t-shirt look spectacular.

Many images can be arranged around things of red color. Such elements of the wardrobe can be a coat, parka, jacket, pullover, blouse, jumpsuit, suit, etc.

Important! It is advisable not to dilute it with the same catchy colors, but to emphasize with a more restrained monochrome color. As for the skirt, no matter what style is chosen, the main emphasis will still be on it.

Therefore, you should choose the most comfortable model that emphasizes the figure. The same rule applies to pants and skinny.

Shoes & Accessories

Shoes of this color will focus all attention on themselves. Therefore, other things should be neutral .

Tights are selected without prints: flesh-colored or dense wet asphalt colors .

Sports shoes look good with a white dress and jeans, with a dark suit, black jeans and a white blouse.

Red pumps and stiletto sandals perfectly accentuate the evening silhouette . As accessories, ladies use a variety of bags, shawls, straps and hats. Catchy jewelry will add zest to even the most boring bow.

Bright clothes will allow you to feel more confident, increase self-esteem. Indecisive girls can try wearing red soft tones or start with accessories.