The combination of pink and yellow in clothes

Pink and yellow, bright and at the same time very delicate colors, make up a harmonious pair in combination. Most often they are found in women's and children's collections. However, in the modern fashion world, stylists and designers include them in brutal men's collections. The color combination can be presented in completely different colors, from the most muted to bright and catchy. Regardless of the palette, yellow and pink work great in tandem.

Yellow and Pink: The Psychology of Flowers

Since the 18th century, an unusual science has been emerging that studies the influence of color on a person’s condition. Psychologists and doctors observe how a particular shade affects the state of people. Thus, the science of the psychology of color appears. Each color carries a certain semantic load, analyzing this fact, you can understand why some prefer dark shades, while others are bright or restrained.

If you look at yellow from this side, then first of all , associations associated with the sun, warm weather and comfort are born in the head. This color, on the one hand, excites and excites, on the other hand, it pleases and warms. All shades from this color scheme have a positive effect on the state of mind, helping to fight depression and bad mood.

Pink is a combination of luxurious, passionate red, and innocent white . That is why it is most often considered the color of young girls who are fraught with undisclosed, pure, and at the same time passionate passion.

People who prefer this color are usually gentle and open souls. However, in the case of this color, it is important to take into account tones and midtones, which range from cold to warm, from the most delicate and neutral to bright and saturated .

Bright pink shades prefer strong natures. And vice versa, the more white is present in the shade, the more gentle and modest a person is.

Who are they going to?

It is difficult enough to determine exactly which color type this or that woman belongs to. Most often, certain signs of one color type may be present in another.

It is customary to distinguish four types of appearance, which differ in the shade of skin, hair and eyes . When determining the color type, depth and saturation should be considered.

Taking these factors into account, spring, summer, autumn and winter color types are distinguished .

Summer, the most common in the European part, is characterized by a pale or milky skin color with a pink tint. The eyes are blue, blue-green, gray, brown or tea. Hair from ashy light to light brown, and even dark brown.

The spring type of appearance resembles the summer, however, there is a difference. Such people have transparent pale skin with a touch of yellow or gold. Most often they have blond hair, wheat, honey or straw color, which usually fade in the sun. Eyes are always bright tones of blue, green, gray or hazel.

Autumn color type differs in more saturated and deep shades. The hair of such people is dark brown or brown with the presence of red. The skin is also darker, with a peach tint. Some people of this type are characterized by pallor of the face, but in this case, it has a warmer shade, in contrast to the spring color type. Eyes olive, bright brown or golden. Some representatives have a rich blue or steel eye color.

The winter type of appearance is, first of all, pale and very light porcelain skin and at the same time very dark hair. The eyes are saturated and clear, can be completely different colors: green, brown, blue, purple. And in contrast to the bright iris, the white of the eye clearly appears.

Win-win pink and yellow color will look on the representatives of the summer color type . In this case, you can safely choose different shades: from muted and neutral to bright and saturated.

Warm shades of yellow and pink are suitable for a warm spring color type, you should not choose cold and saturated tones. Preference should be given to honey, amber, saffron and golden from a yellow palette, from pink to salmon and coral.

The brightest shades are suitable for the winter color type . Do not choose pale tones, they will give an image of soreness and facelessness. All the cold and rich shades of yellow and pink can be safely combined in clothes.

Autumn type should avoid pale and pastel shades. The main criterion for choosing the right yellow color for the “autumn” is the presence of red and / or blue halftone . As for pink, in this case, you should give preference to warm natural shades: apricot, beige pink, peach, salmon.

How to combine pink and yellow in clothes?

If you want to make a gentle and warm look, feel free to combine these colors. Due to the presence of various shades with the help of these colors, you can create not only a summer and spring look, but also an outfit suitable for the cold season.

Light pastel pink tones combined with a deeper and more saturated yellow form a sophisticated sophisticated look, suitable for an official setting . For example, a mustard blouse and pastel pink pants will be a great option for an office environment.

Bright yellow in combination with rich pink is suitable for a vibrant urban look . Fuchsia shorts and a lemon T-shirt are suitable for a summer walk with friends. A yellow skirt in combination with a pink linen shirt in a linen style will look good on a romantic date.

Cold shades of pink are best combined with complex golden yellow tones . A cool bow, suitable for cool weather, will be a dress of cold pink color, complemented by a coat or a cardigan of large knitting of golden sand color.

Bright yellow colors are best combined with a coral and pale purple hue . A rich yellow coat with trousers or a coral-colored dress will look win-win. Such an outfit will be appropriate in any setting.

When combining yellow and pink, it is important to remember: the brighter and more saturated the shades, the more dynamic the image will be, and vice versa, a calm image will turn out thanks to soft neutral tones. To make a harmonious image, combine various shades of these colors, based on your color type.