The combination of pink and black in clothes - the basic rules

Traditionally pink refers to gender shades. One of the most stylish combinations is his alliance with classic black. Next, we consider the features of this extraordinary combination.

Pink and black

In any manifestation, shades of pink are closer to women than men . From childhood, girls are surrounded by dresses, bows, prams, an envelope upon discharge from the hospital, and many other little things in this color. According to psychologists, black is preferred by people with an unstable psyche. Sensual people prone to sentimentality choose pink. When combined, these two colors reinforce each other and together create an amazing emotional combination. So, pink is not only a sign of tenderness and femininity. Combining with black, he demonstrates to others his true nature.

Many people know the movement "emo", the symbol of which is black and pink. This group is usually adjoined by adolescents aged 13-16. Often they have problems with their parents, listen to specific music and openly show their feelings.

To whom goes the combination of pink and black, and to whom not

It is worth knowing that pink is not considered a universal color. If he can make one representative of the fair sex a real princess, then on the other he can look completely ridiculous. The same goes for black. There are people to whom black does not suit the color type. Therefore, when compiling a kit, it is important that light shades are located as close to the skin as possible. Some girls find Barbie's color too naive and girlish. By adding black to it, you can create a solid image. Moreover, ladies of absolutely any age can afford this combination. Since with the right tone selection the combination is refreshing and youthful. However, more mature ladies over 40 should take black as the basis, and pink - only as a complement.

Many believe that pink is only suitable for fair-haired young ladies. However, this statement is fundamentally wrong. After all, brunettes and redheads proved the opposite in practice.

More daring stylists dilute pink with stern and brutal men's bows, adding soft and fresh notes to them.

How to choose the right outfit

The combination of "black + pink" is soft and, at the same time, contrasting. It can be chosen for various situations, including for everyday life. Black goes well with various shades of pink. Consider the winning bows:

  • Evening look. It is impossible to imagine more sophisticated clothes than a long pink dress. Black accents will look mysterious and unexpected, and shoes or sandals will always harmoniously complete the evening ensemble.
  • Often add silver and gold shades. When white is added, the contrast will increase even more. A pink blazer or shirt will seamlessly complement classic dark trousers or jeans. In this outfit, you can safely go to the office. Using a delicate color, you can create a stylish, restrained and elegant look. By choosing fuchsia, you can achieve a more catchy, flirty and even frivolous bow.
  • For a party it is better to prefer pink trousers in combination with a black t-shirt or blouse. The image can be supplemented with stilettos and a bag of cold shades. There are a number of image makers who strongly recommend this combination. It looks unusual and spectacular, but it greatly shortens the figure. Color harmony in this case is also violated.
  • A dark business suit will harmoniously be diluted with a pink blouse and a white bag.
  • For a sheath dress or pink miniskirt, a black jacket and bag are suitable.
  • A trendy option is a combination of a fuchsia dress with a black jacket and classic boats.

Famous fashion designers strongly recommend using saturated colors only as a catchy accent in combination with black. But the dusty rose may well become the main color of the bow. Muted shades will not attract too much attention and can become a base. First of all, a lady should take into account age and complexion, readiness to stand out from the crowd or, conversely, not to attract attention. It is worth knowing that black visually lengthens the figure and makes it slimmer and more graceful. He is able to play along with the woman, hide the flaws of the figure and thereby emphasize the merits.

A dark color can muffle a too bright shade, but at the same time acts as a kind of frame for it.

The considered combination of colors is considered one of the most powerful in terms of the impact on surrounding people. In order not to look like a Barbie doll, it is important to know the basic nuances and rules of combining these shades. It is always worth observing the proportions, following the recommendations of professionals, your own intuition and, of course, experimenting.