The combination of mint color in clothes

Peppermint creates a positive mood and has a refreshing effect on skin color. This gamut, as they say, is out of season. What combinations are most appropriate in a given setting? This is a special trend this season. What is this “highlight” of style with? We will tell below.

Color features

Mint is one of the shades of green that is “diluted” with blue.

Among its advantages:

  • universality for all female types of appearance;
  • absolutely appropriate for day and evening receptions;
  • gives the image dynamism and originality, provided that the colors are correctly bundled;
  • it produces a psychological effect of vivacity and lightness, it cools pleasantly in the summer heat, young people love it, as well as those who are open to communication and do not lag behind modern trends in fashion;
  • this is a win-win option for a swimsuit if you want to achieve complete harmony of clothes with a tan on the skin;
  • A great choice for different styles (a la romance, casual, sport).

Shades of mint

The freshness of mint takes on various nuances in the mixing of colors. Shades of mint:

  1. Tender mint : the lightest of all. Feel free to include it in ensembles with pink, silver, light orange, blue tones. Decided to add a little lime? Then the border between tones is practically erased and it smoothly passes into a pistachio.
  2. "Menthol" : its greenness is perfectly combined with pastel, noble beige and gray.
  3. Light turquoise : fully opens in the ensemble with the color of lavender, emerald, aquamarine.
  4. “Mint ice cream” : a great addition - beige, gray and blue shades, white.
  5. “Sea foam” : saturation and depth of tone will become a decoration of the image, especially coupled with emerald, pastel, orange, pink, all shades of green.

Who is it for?

When shopping, consider the most suitable option for you.

A sultry dark- skinned woman, the owner of dark hair color, all shades of mint are perfect, which will give tender skin a warm golden tone.

A fair-haired beauty with green or blue eyes should choose those that are lighter in tone with her delicate appearance. The ideal choice is things with a touch of green or a touch of salad. Do not be afraid of experiments with saturated colors.

The expressiveness of the image of a burning brunette will be emphasized by a muffled and at the same time resembling a sip of freedom, mint with a touch of blue. Bright appearance will create an unusual contrast with blue, pale pink and green tones.

Excessively fair skin can “lose” paired with mint, visually enhancing the pallor and inexpressiveness of the face. Modern stylists advise to dilute the image with bright makeup. Lipstick of bright color and gentle warm blush will well shade excessive whiteness.

Stylish, successful look in mint color

Only true professionals can compose an impeccable image exclusively from shades of mint. Solve the problem differently - introduce dynamics with carefully selected colors.

With white

Want to look charming? At your service noble snow-white. Feel free to wear white shirts and cardigans with mint pants, skirts, shorts . Men will definitely not be able to tear their views away from you.

With gray

The main thing is to avoid dark tones that make the image heavier. It is better to give preference to lighter shades of gray.

With orange

Perfectly winning option, based solely on the inner taste and breadth of female imagination. And although its bright saturation makes the mint inexpressive, but it will perfectly shade the image, making it fresh and soft.

Unusual feminine beauty along with a pastel variety of orange .

With pink

This combination can be called ideal . It is only necessary to take into account the pattern: the swarthiness of the skin requires muted shades.

With purple

The best choice is dark saturated mint . An excellent ensemble can be created purely from mint and violet, but it is even better to complement with shades of white, beige, delicate pink, blue, pastel orange .

The combination of intensely saturated mint tones and bright purple looks fashionable and stylish.

For spring and summer, a good combination of this color with lilac tones.

With blue

Looks original with a rich blue tint.

The best combinations for mint are also considered:

  • blue and blue shades + menthol + silver / white / black;
  • brown tones + warm beige;
  • burgundy, as a diluting color.

Shoes & Accessories

Mint shoes will add an image of tenderness and romance. Classic “stilettos”, flats with a flat sole, or sandals are perfect for a dress of white lace or a tulle skirt with a blouse.

Sneakers of this delicate color, soft sneakers or converse will give real comfort. Slipons and loafers are no less popular among stylish beauties.

Feel free to wear them with denim pants or a short skirt with a menthol print .

In this case , a backpack will be a great addition. A thin mint scarf accentuates the grace of a white blouse or a delicate sweater .

A thick knit scarf is simply indispensable for a blue sweatshirt, denim trousers, a white t-shirt and a beige cardigan. The scarf or scarf is perfect for an elegant pink coat or light gray, blue or beige.

Peppermint shades at the peak of popularity this season. Their freshness and gentle beauty are impeccable. The main thing is to take into account individual characteristics and choose the right shade.