Combination with lilac in clothes

Lilac is one of the colors that allows you to create an original and elegant outfit for any occasion . You can choose the right color option for any type of skin. It is worth considering this tone as the most advantageous for holiday dresses. Skillfully selected makeup and bright accessories will make you take a fresh look at even the lightest shades.

Color psychology

All those who love the lilac color, according to psychologists, are romantic, have creative thinking and patience. But psychologists recommend with accuracy to wear a lilac color, if you need to be in a calm, relaxed state.

This tone of concern, creative search. Therefore, before you get carried away with the purchase of lilac things, you should still analyze the state in which you want to be. This tone also gives mystery, is associated with everything where patience is worth it, and is suitable for those who are often nostalgic . The color of romance and creativity, energy and melancholy.

Lilac Shades

To achieve a lilac color, mix red and blue. If you want the tone to become warmer, you must first add a little more red to the proportion. Although the classic version of purple is a cold tone.

By shades it can be divided into:

  • light lilac;
  • wisteria;
  • lilac amethyst;
  • blue-lilac;
  • lilac bright;
  • lavender.

These shades look very nice in clothes, as well as in the selection of elegant accessories. If you want to look noticeable, we recommend that you pay attention to evening dresses made in such a gamut. Thanks to this tone, the image is obtained with a large share of romance and elegance.

To whom is lilac color suitable?

In order to determine whether this shade is suitable or not, you need to know your phototype . So, girls with the “spring” phototype should be happy, they are welcome in any shades of siso-violet gamut. But the representatives of the “summer” phototype, despite the fact that the lilac color is classified with cold shades, it is worth treating his choice with accuracy. The gamut of very light lilac colors turning into pale gray looks advantageous on them. Such a color palette in the wardrobe will add mystery and special sophistication to the image.

For "autumn" phototypes, we recommend choosing brighter colors. If you choose a rich lavender, it perfectly emphasizes the color of hair and skin.

For "winter" types of appearance, you can safely choose any shades of lilac, purple, lavender.

Good combinations in clothes

The tone goes well with green . If you take a bright lilac color and combine it with the same bright green, you get a very romantic bow, which will help to look noticeable.

The blue-lilac shade is well combined with pink, light yellow, purple tones . Moreover, the more muffled the additional color looks, the brighter and more attractive the lilac outfit looks.

Romantic lovers should pay special attention to the lavender color . Thanks to him and accessories in a brown, saturated purple, beige gamut, the image turns out to be joyful and elegant.

Tip. Still, you should not choose this shade as an office one, since it is believed that it leads away from working thoughts and gives more distraction.

It looks very beautiful purple with blue, gently turquoise shades. If you want to attract attention, you should add coral to lavender . These may be small accessories, but the image will be very expressive.

Stylish seasons

In the winter season, you should especially pay attention to the presence of light purple things . After all, the shade does not just lighten the mood, but contributes to the creation of a romantic image, diluting the dull colors in a period when there are few sunny days. For those who wear fluffy warm sweaters, it is worth paying attention to the soft lilac shade of lavender. These options look great in knitwear, especially purple look in cashmere.

For winter gloves, mittens, hats, lilac, saturated purple shades are perfect. They will give an image of brightness and go well with many colors of down jackets, fur coats.

If you choose an office suit of wool, then pay attention to the blue-purple color . He will give the image a special elegance, it’s good to choose light pink, beige, light green accessories that complement the outfit and make the image concise.

A coat of lilac color looks spectacular.

In the spring, many opportunities open for using different shades of lilac. Light dresses, blouses, purple cardigans must certainly dilute the usual color range of the spring season.

Especially exquisite looks bright lilac and steel-gray range. It is enough to put on such a blouse under strict trousers or a skirt, as those around will pay attention to a stylish outfit. But there is good news for fans of a more restrained gamut.

Lavender, pale purple looks perfect as an option for a cloak or jacket. Moreover, if we look at the collection of outerwear, we will see that even leather manufacturers are actively using this color. So in the spring it will also be appropriate, the main thing is to choose the option that suits you by color type.

Purple looks very beautiful in materials for evening dresses . You can safely put on a light and airy dress of this color scheme for any spring-summer holiday.

Accessories and shoes

Purple and purple handbags, clutches, scarves and scarves look beautiful. If you want to add sophistication, get bright heeled shoes in a blue-violet tone. You will not go unnoticed if you put these shoes on a contrasting dress. Purple looks beautiful both in a mixture with other shades, and in a monophonic version.

Do not be afraid of the shade of lilac - it invariably attracts the eye, no matter in what things or accessories it is used.