The combination of green and pink in clothes

Choosing an outfit for any occasion, we, first of all, are based on how the elements of clothing will be combined: the style, material, color scheme . But it is color that often solves a lot. Incorrect combinations can make the image comical, faded and ridiculous. And, conversely, a well-chosen palette will help emphasize the advantages and hide the shortcomings.

Pink and green are considered quite in demand, and are often found in various combinations in clothes. However, it is important to know and take into account some subtleties, then it will be possible to compose many interesting compositions for different occasions.

Green and Pink: Psychology

In psychology, each color has its own meaning, which reveals its features. Green, as the union of blue and yellow, is characterized dually. On the one hand, it gives peace and tranquility, on the other - activity and energy. Most often it is preferred by generous and reliable people.

Pink also consists of two colors - red and white. The combination of the innocent and the pure with the passionate and energetic gives birth to a new color, symbolizing tenderness, lightness and sentimentality . Psychologists say that romantic and sensual people choose him.

Who is it for?

Shades that help to emphasize the color of the skin, shade the eyes and hair, depend primarily on the color type of the person. It is customary to distinguish four types of appearance:

Winter color type : it includes owners of dark, blue-black hair with pale transparent bluish skin. The iris is always bright and piercing, it can be blue, purple, dark brown, emerald color. Less often in this color type are blonde girls, but then their hair will be saturated white with an ash tint.

Owners of winter appearance will suit shades of green and pink both cold and warm palette. The main thing is that they are not faded. Colors should be saturated and bright, otherwise the skin will get a frightening waxy look.

Preference should be given to azure, turquoise, emerald, coniferous, bottle-green color, combining it with bright saturated pink cold shades: fuchsia, raspberry, purple-pink.

The spring color type is distinguished by thin skin with honey or peach tint, hair with warm colors: wheat, straw, light brown, amber and light eyes of various colors: green, blue, brown, gray.

A gentle spring color type should choose warm and light shades of green and pink: lime, apple, lime and fuchsia derivatives, salmon, amaranth.

The summer type has thin skin of a light or dark shade, but always with a cold tone, hair from light to dark blond, eyes are slightly blurred and light from a blue, gray and brown palette.

In clothes, this type should be preferred to pastel soft tones of warm and cold colors, avoiding deep saturated colors.

The soft cold summer color type should be made up of sets of pastel colors of green: mint, aquamarine and green tea . Such shades are well combined with pale purple, light raspberry and pearl pink colors.

Autumn type is warm skin tones, sometimes with a red sheen, hair can be of different colors with a predominance of copper, red and light brown tones . The eyes are most often brown or gray-green.

Representatives of the autumn appearance are suitable for coral and salmon from a warm pink palette and soft shades of green, such as olive, khaki, pistachio.

Color shades

A rich color palette allows you to choose the right shade for any type of appearance. All shades are usually divided into groups: warm and cold, as well as saturated, deep and pastel.

Warm pink include: shrimp, salmon, coral, flamingo, ash and beige pink. To the cold: pale lilac, orchid, raspberry, purple, lingonberry. In addition, there are rich deep shades: fuchsia, magenta, barbie, ultra-pink.

Magenta is a rare bright pink shade of luxury and elegance.

The warm green group includes olive, protective, khaki, green with a touch of yellow and brown. The cold ones include neon green, mint, menthol, emerald, malachite, and jade.

Combinations of pink-green tones with other shades

In addition to the fact that these colors are combined with each other, other suitable shades can be selected for them.

Important! The interweaving of colors of different from different scales will help to create a unique image.

A gentle look will turn out if you add a pair of shoes and a bag of vanilla and milk shades to a pale green dress in combination with a pastel pink jacket .

Deep and bright shades of green with saturated fuchsia can be diluted with calm beige or gray . The fitted emerald skirt / trousers with a blouse or a jacket of saturated pink color, a cardigan or a coat is suitable for any occasion.

Deep tones combine well with classic black, making it possible to create a great kit for an evening or official outing. A dark green dress, purple shoes and a classic black coat will add brightness and originality to the image, but they won’t look too elaborate.

Pastel colors are combined with beige, light gray and soft brown. Pale pink trousers with a white blouse and a green jacket, beige pumps are suitable for everyday look.

The best images

Very successful images for any time of the year can be compiled by selecting the appropriate shades from both different subgroups and one color scheme.

For cool weather, you can buy a pastel pink coat, a pair of him can make an olive dress and beige shoes . A beige or light gray handbag will complete the look.

In summer, turquoise shorts can be combined with a light pink sweater, complemented with soft pinkish shoes.

In spring, when everything blooms around, you can create an airy and soft look: a dress of a soft pink hue combined with a muffled green cape, and the image of low shoes made of soft beige or light gray leather will complete the image.

The versatility and variety of the palette allows you to experiment and create different images from the most extravagant to the delicate and romantic.