The combination of gray and green in clothes

The color of clothes carries a certain message, energy and tells a lot about the owner. Choosing the right colors is not so easy. In order not to make a mistake, it is important to know certain features of the combination. Next, consider one of the fashionable combinations - a combination of gray and green.

Green and Gray: Psychology

Gray and its shades are considered pure, faceless and do not carry an emotional overload. Often it serves as a backdrop. It is chosen by people who prefer not to share their emotions with others .

Green has a large number of shades.

Green is usually associated with the natural beginning, tranquility and harmony . It relieves stress and irritability, gives energy and cheerfulness. Combining gray with green is quite difficult, as it is easy to create a boring and dull image.

Who is it for?

When choosing shades , the color type of appearance should be taken into account . For “winter” and “summer”, first of all, a cold palette is suitable.

People with blond hair are suitable shades of swamp and moss, and brunettes - coniferous and light notes, as well as jade and emerald. A soft and cute look is obtained using the color of lime and pistachio.

For representatives of the "autumn" and "spring" warm tones with yellow shades come in handy. It can be olive or khaki.

Important! The gray-green gamut is practical, versatile, and almost always suits older women.

Shades of gray-green

The palette of shades has many options, which makes it possible to choose and use it for completely different life situations. There are cold, neutral and warm colors. Delicate variations can be found in the wardrobes of many girls, regardless of age and physique. A symbol of restraint, stability, prudence has become a dark emerald color.

The trend is also bottle and malachite . Their variations with gray are often used to create business bows by many business women.

Reference. Light salad gives carefree, youthful and playful notes. But saturated green is very much appreciated in luxurious Asian clothes. Europeans look more emotional, cheerful and positive in it.

Warm shades of green look perfect with darker gray. The darker the gray, the more saturated tones will be better combined with it.

Combinations of gray-green tones with other shades

Knowing the successful combination of colors, you can create a win-win image for all occasions. It is important to know with what colors gray-green will give spectacular combinations.

One win-win option is white. It is ideal for creating a business and casual wardrobe. But gray-lettuce and apple with black will give the appearance a conservative note. This applies to everyday clothing. For an evening out, dark green is a peculiar sign of elegance and sophistication.

There are other interesting combinations. For example, a tandem with yellow will add brightness, vitality and optimism .

You can consider various variations: mustard and emerald are suitable for the autumn-winter period, and mint and sunny - for summer. An original evening look can be made with blue and heavenly. Brown shades carry calm, tranquility and conservatism.

The best images

To create a festive bow in gray-green design, it is better to make the bottom steel, and for the top choose a blue-green tone. Strengthen this combination of a blouse made of material with metal threads that will give shine, sparkle and chic.

For example, you can choose a turquoise turtleneck and a skirt of dark gray or metallic color.

For the office you can buy a gray-green suit and a snow-white blouse . A gray pencil dress with dark emerald shoes looks stylish. The dress of the color of the needles is successfully combined with a graphite coat or cloak.

Reference. Refined accessories will complement the bow. It can be malachite or emerald, as well as jade jewelry.

A huge base of shades of gray and green allows you to create unique and unexpected combinations. Combining these shades is not easy, but if you choose the right one, the resulting image will be extremely successful. The main thing is to follow your own mood and not be afraid of experiments.