The combination of gray and brown in clothes

Both gray and brown colors are represented in many shades, as they are obtained by mixing paints in various proportions. The final result depends on it. Any woman can choose from the general color palette the variety that will best emphasize her dignity.

Grey colour

In the Middle Ages, clothes of this color could be worn by representatives of the nobility. Nowadays, it is associated with a gray mouse, but this is a mistake. Gray color and its shades have a relaxing and calming effect.

Important! Fashionable couturiers love it for its compatibility with many shades and versatility. It is obtained from a mixture of white and black colors, so it can have shades from the lightest to darkest.

When other paints are added to it, cold and warm shades are obtained. It is better for blondes to choose clothes of a neutral or dark tone, and for brunettes it is better to choose neutral and light colors.

Reference. Warm gray tones are obtained by adding red or yellow. Moreover, the more this color is introduced, the warmer the gray shade becomes.

Cold gray tones are obtained by adding a different amount of blue.

Brown color

It is believed that he is able to cope with all the troubles of life, struggling with a bad mood and creates a cozy home atmosphere, helps a person to relax and soothes the nervous system. It helps to increase self-esteem and self-confidence, stability, reliability.

The color is formed by a mixture of red, yellow and blue tones in various combinations . All of them relate to warm colors. When creating light, add white paint. To get a bright brown color (terracotta), you should add more red pigment. The color of ocher is formed using a lot of yellow. In light brown, yellow and orange colors are present at the same time, and their latte and taupe shades are popular among women of any age.

The combination of gray and brown in the image

To create a fashionable look, various tones of gray and brown colors are used, primarily focusing on a personal color type.

Warm women are recommended to use a dark beige shade, charcoal, wormwood, cocoa, light and dark chocolate.

For women of a cold color type, light gray, the color of wet asphalt, ordinary chocolate and dark will be the best choice.

Classic style

Classic style is appropriate in the office, at a business meeting . Designers traditionally use a combination of gray and brown for top things, suits in a simple style, additions made of leather . For tailoring, choose a simple cut from high quality fabrics.

Rectangular jewelry is chosen as jewelry , complemented with shoes and bags made of patent leather.

As a classic option, you can consider a set of pencil skirts made of high-quality dark brown fabric and a gray shade blouse. To them, as additions, you can choose small earrings and ladies watches. Such an image will work for the image of a respectable lady.

You can give more good combinations:

  1. A light gray dress with brown boots and a bulk bag.
  2. Coat of pearl shade and brown scarf.
  3. A gray skirt in combination with a shortened jacket of chocolate shade, complemented by the same scarf.

Sporty style

To choose sportswear in brown-gray tones, you should pay attention to jeans made of dark gray fabric. They will look good with a light brown blouse; in the cold season, a warm brown leather jacket is ideal for them .

For the warm season, shorts or trousers, complemented by a loose-fitting shirt in gray shades , can become the basis. To them you can pick up shoes and a backpack in brown shades.


If a woman feels young and looks just as good, you can pay attention to the flared leather skirt . As a base, it is worth stopping at a dark gray color. High boots and a brown blouse, complemented by jewelry and a bag in the tone of a skirt, will look good with her.

Clothes in such a range can be diluted with a third shade. The element should be bright, but small in size so as not to be evident, but to be a light touch. It can be either turquoise or green .

Romantic style

Admirers of the style very often use delicate pastel shades in their outfits . The cut of such clothes should be very feminine, complemented by beautiful details. When choosing jewelry, it should be remembered that three copies are quite enough .

Evening option

In order to look good in evening wear of these tones, you should choose an elegant dress that emphasizes the dignity of the figure, in gray shades and complement with brown jewelry . At the same time, it is important that the outfit is either warm or cold.

When choosing an outfit, you should remember that correctly applied makeup can emphasize all the best. It is always better to dwell on a slightly noticeable, refreshing face. To it, hairstyles of a simple form will be appropriate. In addition, elegance and simplicity will allow the interlocutors to notice you, and not your outfit and cosmetics.