The combination of blue (cyan) and yellow in clothes

The morning selection of clothes determines your mood for the whole day. In order to properly energize, you need to pick up something bright and unusual. For example, a combination of yellow and blue will look interesting. But how will you feel in this outfit? Is it stylish? In such a crucial moment, do not rush! Let's sort it out in order.

Shades of yellow

All yellow is associated with summer, the sun, joy and happiness. Craving for such tones means that you love freedom, noisy companies, communication, and life itself. You are definitely an energetic person for whom a riot of colors is the best landscape.

However, with all this the main question arises: how can this splendor be used in everyday life or, for example, in business clothes? It’s not worth worrying, it’s a feasible task.

Important! Do not forget that such light colors can visually increase your proportions. Therefore, they must be used correctly.

Blue and its shades

The exact opposite of flashy yellow is, of course, the noble and balanced blue. Fans of this color are usually very calm and restrained people . You are definitely confident in your own abilities, and you know your worth, you are always at peace with yourself and the world around you.

Inspiration, peace, loyalty and romance - these are the qualities that people who choose blue are endowed with.

How to effectively combine yellow and blue (blue) in clothes?

“Is it possible to combine such opposing things in one ensemble ?!” you ask. In fact, not only possible, but necessary! Think about it this way: the combination of blue and yellow shades is like a bright sun in a cloudless sky . And everything that is dictated by nature itself is perfect and doomed to success .

Important! Do not forget about the style, good taste, conciseness and correctly placed accents . The rules of the style indicate that in attempts to add these colors, you must always monitor the strength and depth of each tone.

If you took a muted yellow, then blue should also be used in the same way, and vice versa, if the light tone is chosen warm, then the dark one should correspond and be no less saturated. Everything will turn out well, the main thing is not to overdo it!

Classic style

The office dress code dictates its own rules, which must be obeyed. But to do this is extremely beautiful and attractive.

To create a professional look, take a look at the dark shades of blue and muted yellow.

You can stay on a mustard blouse and an ultramarine or sapphire skirt, or wear a lemon dress and put on a cobalt jacket over your shoulders. You will definitely not go unnoticed, but you will not cause unnecessary questions.


To go on a date or meeting with friends, you can use, on the contrary, light and airy tones . For example, an elegant azure sundress with a thin yellow sash and matching earrings will create the effect of an inspired and gentle person that will definitely affect your look in the best way.

Examples of successful combinations in the photo.

Try trying on sky- blue pants with a flying beige and yellow blouse . And if you dilute the look with a couple of interesting accessories, for example, with a solar handbag or a thin blue bracelet, then all eyes will definitely be turned only to you!

In the fall, you can take a look at the bright outerwear.


Such an image simply requires incendiary paints. In order not to overdo it, use the 1/3 rule: in a bright set, make one of the colors the main one, and add the second as details in the specified proportion.

For example, blue classic jeans, a lighter sweatshirt and a yellow cloak (or jacket) .

Do not be afraid to play with flowers, because with their help you can raise your mood and provide a good charge of vivacity.


Free street style removes all barriers . Any experiments are possible here.

Evening outfit

Deep blue as if created for social events and expensive parties. Just think of a long dress in this color ...

But how can you beat yellow here? The answer is simple - pay attention to jewelry, use gold.

The lace dress looks elegant.

It can be a rich embroidery, an elegant sparkling clutch or a belt framing your waist, golden shoes. One thing is for sure: in this form, even along the red carpet, you can walk under the incessant ovation!

Stand out with style! Add variety and bright colors to your wardrobe, and then with pleasure mix them in one dress. Be sure you will love it!