The combination of blue and pink in clothes

Very often, a competent combination of colors in clothes turns even the most ordinary set into a stylish outfit. Sometimes in drawing up a new image, in addition to style, it is necessary to choose the right texture of fabric and tonality. Often we pay attention to the outfit when we see a harmonious combination of all the details, and such harmony is achieved, first of all, thanks to the color scheme. Pink-blue is a popular color combination, but is fraught with many nuances.

Pink color and its shades

Psychologists say that the tendency to choose a pink color in clothes is the lot of vulnerable people . Their thoughts can be called sublime, and the inner world - fragile. Pink in clothes gives even more fragility to the image, and gives the woman such a childishly naive appearance that she immediately wants to patronize and treat her with special warmth.

But there are opponents of pink. They believe that this color should be excluded from the wardrobe of those women who are over 45, since it is believed that it gives the image an inappropriate lightness and is categorically not applicable in the wardrobe of a serious woman .

Among the opponents of the pink color there are also those who say that it highlights wrinkles, gives out the imperfections of the figure.

Important! If we look at the collections of modern designers, we can safely say: the pink color has such a variety of shades that you can choose the right option at any age.

A pale pink hue is perfect for those who are looking for something refreshing and soft for office outfits. This color can be called elegant, as it perfectly sets off the skin, gives freshness and harmony to the face. In addition, it goes well with jewelry and can be supplemented with accessories of different styles.

Off-pink is ideal for those who like unusual colors . Obtained from a mixture of gray and pink, this shade looks wonderful both when creating an everyday and festive look. The color is self-sufficient and can be chosen as the basis for everyday wear. Sweaters, dresses, blouses in this tone are especially suitable for lovers of gentle and restrained images.

Pink with a haze is perhaps one of the shades that is ideal for creating chiffon dresses. It is this shade that is used when sewing dresses for holidays, wedding dresses.

Pink classic looks perfect as the main tone in costumes, dresses, dresses for parties. The color itself is saturated and may also be appropriate in accessories.

Blue color

The blue color in psychology is, first of all, balance, pacification and concentration. Have you noticed the colors of many office clothing collections?

There are always a large number of blue shades and many types of blue shirts.

Tip. The blue color gives a feeling of peace, reduces blood pressure and is necessary in the wardrobe of all those who are faced with stressful situations at work.

Light shades of the blue palette to pale blue are ideal as a fabric for dresses, shirts, trouser suits . The color is not too saturated, so it is good to combine it with bright accessories and other colors.

The dark blue tone is suitable, first of all, for those who like austerity in clothes. Its nobleness and beauty can give a special chic even to everyday clothes . Therefore, this shade is so popular at business receptions.

In office clothes, blue tones can be called leading because of several shades.

Successful combinations of blue-pink shades

The color of roses goes well with dark shades of blue . Moreover, such a contrast sometimes looks more advantageous if pink is taken in a light shade, with the addition of gray, and blue at the same time acts as a saturated basic tone in clothes. If you look at the color palette, then you should also look at the fuchsia color . This shade complements blue well as an accessory.

Classic style

In classic outfits, it is worth choosing a blue saturated shade, while it is good if pink, such as magenta, flamingo, light pink, is taken as an additional tone.

An example of a combination of light colors for the office:

Of course, the color combination should be balanced by shoes, jewelry.


For romantic combinations, it is good to choose bright blue, sapphire shades and flamingos . This coloring is ideal for summer dresses, sundresses.

Looks good combination of several shades of pink and blue with the addition of gray, jeans shade.

Bright juicy tones are ideal for romantic dates.


This style allows, above all, a combination of very bright colors, even a little provocative .

It is good if saturated pink coral, orange and even violet color are adjacent to pink . This will give an additional brightness to the image in a tracksuit, and blue will complement and balance several bright colors.


For casual wear, it is recommended to choose restrained shades . Well, if the blue is with the addition of gray, steel - this will create a muffled outfit.

Of the pink shades, pay attention to the pink-gray and pale pinkish tones. They are perfectly combined in clothes for every day.

Whatever color you choose, it is important to remember that even the most saturated shades can significantly highlight the image. Therefore, in a combination of blue and pink colors, one of them must be made brighter. So the clothes will get a more harmonious look, and the image will be stylish and fashionable.