The combination of blue and green in clothes

The trend of the season is a combination of bright colors. One of the interesting and unusual combinations is the combination of blue and green . They differ from each other in tone, but are still similar. This allows you to create a harmonious and effective image.

Blue and cyan

Blue and blue personify spirituality and emphasize the beauty of any woman . Hues vary in degree of brightness, lightness and saturation. Color combines two opposites. There are shades from crystal clear blue to deep dark blue .

Especially the shade is suitable for brunettes and dark blond. In nature, there are a huge number of faces of blue and blue.

Important! Blue is the color of intelligence; it is often chosen by a business woman. He tunes in harmony and a positive mood, adds calm.


This color is considered one of the most earthly, calm and life-affirming. It personifies the green part of the planet and favorably affects the psyche. It also symbolizes growth, stability, wealth, vitality .

The palette of shades is multifaceted. This is dull, close to gray and catchy poisonous acid. This diversity makes it possible to use green fabrics to create clothes in different styles. You can divide the shades by color type.

Important! Complex and pale tones are suitable for “summer” appearance, bright and clean for “spring” and “winter” types, and all the rest are suitable for “autumn”.

Who is it suitable for?

The combination of green and blue looks noble, elegant and mysterious. Green shades blue well, deepens it and allows it to open as much as possible .

An extraordinary combination is suitable for any type of appearance and is considered universal. The union does not need any additions. Shades can only slightly differ from each other, smoothly flowing one into another. You can choose a contrasting color, or enter a third color - black or white.

Attention! This combination evokes positive associations, stimulates creative and mental activity.

Business style

For the office , sea-green trousers and a dark emerald jacket are suitable . The white blouse and accessories in a warm range will soften the image - belt, scarf.

For serious negotiations, you can use a sheath dress of a soft blue hue and a coat of dark grass color . Complement the bow of the boat and bag in black.


A romantic look can be created using muted blue and mint green . Together, these colors look exquisite and give the girl an image of tenderness and softness. It can be a light airy dress and an unusual cardigan.

Active and confident ladies choose a long skirt to the floor in emerald color and a blue jumper. A massive necklace or beads will help diversify the image.

Evening option

The blue-green range is ideal for special occasions. An evening dress in rich blue, complemented by green decor, will make the girl irresistible. They will add chic gold clutch, earrings and decor on shoes. These accessories will help create a festive mood.

You can experiment with a variety of shades.


This combination is often used in fitness clothing. Sports suits and leggings with inserts of both colors look beautiful.

Always a winning combination of dark blue sports-style trousers and a bright green t-shirt or top. Green sneakers will fit green sneakers and vice versa.


Ideal for everyday wear - jeans. In the wardrobe of every fashionista there should be many models. They can be worn with a jumper, pullover or a green shirt . The image will turn out to be cozy and calm. A brown bag is suitable as an accessory.

Salad trousers and a blue shirt look refreshingly at the girl, ending the image of sandals to match the shirt.

Successful images

One of the most popular combinations is a skirt and a blouse. Even products of a simple cut are able to create a concise and effective image. A feminine and cheerful bow will turn out from a blue sweater and a bright green flared skirt in combination with neutral accessories.

Combinations with other colors look stylish too. For example, it can be a blue-green top and a purple bottom or a blue-green bottom and a pink top . This combination is ideal for dresses, bathing suits and outerwear.

Reference! A dress of one of the colors in question can be supported with accessories of a different shade. It can be a hat, a belt, a variety of jewelry.

Blue and green together create a natural balance that is pleasing to the human eye. Whatever shades are chosen, they will certainly be in harmony with each other. Such a duet will create many interesting images.